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April 6th, 2020

Thriving during Uncertainty

Some ideas/a process:


1) Look at your personal balance sheet and new “income” or lack thereof. Look at the facts and separate from story. What is your runway in day/weeks/months/years?

2) What can you reduce? What daily/weekly/monthly/yearly expenses can you reduce or eliminate? This may help extend your runway?

3) What are new opportunities to earn? Explore and compare ideas.

4) If able/you have a runway….Breathe and look around. There are opportunities to adapt and do something adjacent or new.


1) Look at your personal “balance sheet” of relationships. What is serving you? Who can count on you, and who can you count on?

2) Are there folks who might benefit from a reduction in time and energy? This may help you invest your energy in people that return said energy vs suck you dry. Perhaps changing a perspective to curious may turn a relationship that sucks you dry into a learning experience?

3) What new opportunities to connect. Explore and be curious with new opportunities for relationships that you may have ignored. Reconnect and mend fences with old relationships may be possible on new terms.

4) No matter what, consider being grateful for balance sheet of relationships. Grateful for what feels good, has been good and is good. Grateful for the learnings, past pain, and current pain. What can it teach?

**Relationship with Yourself**

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 with yourself.

Maybe you included it already. You are a person you have a relationship with. That voice inside your head that talks to yourself. What does that person say? What does that person believe? Does it match the external expressions of you?

**Other Topic you want to Thrive on**

Steps 1 through 4 work for me, with adjustments to the topic.

Other ideas are:
1) Spiritual
2) a Specific Relationships with Kid(s), Parents, Friend
3) Business/Enterprise

What a beautiful opportunity to reconnect, slowdown and build awareness this virus has given us. Grateful.

April 5th, 2020

3rd Party Candidate for US President?

A few weeks ago, I started sharing this idea with some friends.

Has there ever been a time that a 3rd party candidate could “win” the election in USA in November 2020 better than now?

With the 2 primary sides barking, politicking, and I don’t know what they are doing – perhaps an independent candidate could emerge that might be better than 2 old guys, 1 with a career in politics, and 1 with a career in reality tv.

Maybe, with all the crisis folks are feeling now, could be the perfect time to try another type of leadership. Maybe a path based on math, science, values and purpose.

I am impressed with the clarity the Singaporean PM communicates with (Doesn’t sound like an advertising campaign that may of our leaders use)

Disclaimer: I don’t know the PM outside of this speech. ie. his politics and perspectives. I am not endorsing him – just enjoying the style, energy and demeanor.

April 4th, 2020

Newton’s 3rd Law

Newton’s 3rd law is still valid on earth to my knowledge (looks like it can be violated in certain nonequilibrium situations)

I reflect on it often, as the world GDP, consumerism and humans grow, grow, grow.

What is the equal and opposite reaction? Is it Covid-19 and the 2nd and 3rd order consequences?

I am enjoying the slow down, time with family and lots more connection with friends and community (digitally of course)

Covid-19 and it’s waves have “cost” me in many ways too, like much of humanity. The question I am asking myself, did I have “have” it – whatever it was anyway?

For me, these are exciting times for embracing change.

More Ideas that are Related:
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March 27th, 2020

Why is this Free?

And what is the cost of “free”?

Energy can be neither created or destroyed – the 1st law of thermodynamics – how does this apply to today and free stimulus packages?

Many of my peers are running around excited today at the “free” money the US government approved today for businesses and others.

As I read through the documents of what/how/etc – I wonder “why”?

Why is this stimulus here?

What is the motivation of career politicians to pass this?

What is in it for them?

Do our politicians have any skin in this game?

Where does this “free” money come from?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, and I think about to ancient wisdoms and principles when a culture is rapidly changing or experience heighten emotions.

March 22nd, 2020


As communities go to isolation, i notice colleagues, friends and community members expressing,

“I’m lonely”

Our technology does not cure it. Perhaps it is a symptom.

Some ideas I am exploring:

1) More walks in nature and being in presence.

2) FaceTime

3) Noticing more that I didn’t. Birds, sounds, spring popping up.

4) Slowing down and enjoying the moment instead of past or present dreams

5) Zoom calls with colleagues. We are bringing children and pets to meetings.

6) Listening, Listening, Listening. Asking folks to share how they feel. When asked, I will share that too.

7) This Drift Worksheet is helpful for me (from CLG)

Sending love and connection to you. I am open to more.

March 21st, 2020

Front Windshield

As the world, our communities, and enterprises navigate the rapid change in the world, I am seeing myself and others stuck in a story…

The story of the past – what things “used to be like”.

Feeling loss over what things, money, life was like even 1 week ago.

I am imagining my life, my family, community and the world is like a car that has:

Front Window
Side Window
Rear Window

The rear window is the past, what things used to be like. It was beautiful at the time, and now it is gone.

Side windows is where I/family/community is today. The present.

Front Window, is the immediate future that we can see right now.

I am doing my best to see the facts/beauty of today and am looking at the immediate future that is materially different from the rear window and attempting to accept/embrace it now.

What beauty will be here that perhaps I missed in my previous view from even a day or 1 week ago?

March 15th, 2020

Do you know panic merchant?

My old Aussie Friend, used to use this term…”Panic Merchant”. Defined as a person who buys and sells panic in the marketplace with other humans.

You might know a panic merchant (I can be one at times no doubt). They get enraptured by the newest thing/cause/crisis/celebration, or whatever the social universe is positing about and quickly buys/sells the story without looking deeper.

Often times a panic merchant will both buy and sell panic at the same time with their communication. Hence, being a merchant.

I try my best to not believe everything I hear, read and observe in our media driven culture. I also try not to be a panic merchant by remaining in presence and staying aware of my amygdala’s power.

Caution, Yes! Panic and spreading it, no thank-you.

March 14th, 2020

Darkest Before Dawn

I used to do a lot of camping in a tent, in remote places, that were cold at night.

I recall, my feet and feeling the coldest at the very early part of the morning before the sun peaked out over the mountain. Sometimes, seconds felt like minutes. When will the sky start to get lighter so I can get warmer?

I wonder if we are at a moment just before dawn culturally and as a species, or if we are not even close to dawn – maybe midnight has not come yet? Uncertainty creates stress AND opportunity.

I’m looking towards opportunity and connection.

February 13th, 2020

What I am working on – Winter-Spring 2020

Happy New Year.

Still enjoying my role as a travel servant at AirTreks. The Coronavirus is interesting issue to handle for global travelers no doubt.

I am the board chair for the Wayfinding Academy. This continues to fun, challenging and so much to learn in trying to start a new college. is working on building a carbon marketplace to reverse climate change. Nori interviewed me briefly in late 2019 as we participated in there carbon sale.

Kids, Kids, Kids – coaching soccer, learning from my children, guiding my children. I am having so much fun, fun, fun.

Learning – I’ve been studying the 15 commitments of conscious leadership and getting deep into it. My understanding of this is it might be considered a modern framework for the yoga sutras

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga.

Walk and Talks, Walk and Talks, Walk and Talks.

May 3rd, 2019

What is the truth here really?

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