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January 2nd, 2006

Casey Wahi: Rest in Peace

I just returned from Mt. Kili to a bunch of e-mail…

My friend Casey Wahi died on December 30th.  She was my age and suffered from MS the last few years of her life.  I am gutted to hear this and wanna extend a big hug to Vineet and family.

Memories of Casey
She was always super supportive of me/Bootboyz in our endeavors.  Even when we were paper boyz and towel boyz she’d be friendly and encouraging.

I’ll always remember her for the one  night that Vineet, Casey and a few friends were hanging out at High Street Brewery in Eugene talking about marriage, relationships and the such.

We listened to how Vineet and Casey met.  The conversation turned to my dating life and both Casey and Vineet asked me, "What am I looking for?"   They both a had a strict list of requirements that each filled for each other and were happier for it.

I did not have an answer.  Casey suggested that I should if I want a partner.  How else are you gonna know who is right if you don’t know what you want?  JenLeo and I discussed it many times over the years and Casey always brought it up in a supportive way.  I did come up with a list and finally shared bits of it with her last time I saw her in the hospital a few months ago.  It was nice to know that she cared.

Anyway…Casey was a super kind and kewl woman and I will miss her.  Read Vineet’s e-mail below if you did not receive it.


March 20th, 2004

“You are not Ditka”

Talk to my old friend Brian Moreth this morning. He is coming out to PDX in May to go golfing with Ernie Kent and me….I won it as an auction prize at the 2003 CPY Auction.

We talked of going for a few runs while he is here. I said that I wanna be careful since I am a big guy and running is hard on the knees.

He said, “Keener, you’re not Ditka, relax”

Ditka is the former Bears coach, has 2 fake hips and fake knees…I thought it was funny.

November 13th, 2003

Story about me and Korean Hamburgers

from Soogi Kim/Clayton

But I have to tell you, it was pretty awesome hearing your Dad’s voice on the phone when I asked for you. It was like old times when I called your home in L-Wood. My mom asked about you and told me a funny story…

She said that one day you stopped by during dinner when I wasn’t home and you ate Korean Hamburgers with my Mom and Dad. She said that you ate so fast and so much, that she kept giving you more and more hamburgers until you finally said, “Mrs. Kim is it ok if I stop eating.” Pretty ridiculous.

So the quote of the day is “Korean hamburger is good, but too many Korean Hamburgers make your stomach hurt.”

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