April 6th, 2020

Thriving during Uncertainty

Some ideas/a process:


1) Look at your personal balance sheet and new “income” or lack thereof. Look at the facts and separate from story. What is your runway in day/weeks/months/years?

2) What can you reduce? What daily/weekly/monthly/yearly expenses can you reduce or eliminate? This may help extend your runway?

3) What are new opportunities to earn? Explore and compare ideas.

4) If able/you have a runway….Breathe and look around. There are opportunities to adapt and do something adjacent or new.


1) Look at your personal “balance sheet” of relationships. What is serving you? Who can count on you, and who can you count on?

2) Are there folks who might benefit from a reduction in time and energy? This may help you invest your energy in people that return said energy vs suck you dry. Perhaps changing a perspective to curious may turn a relationship that sucks you dry into a learning experience?

3) What new opportunities to connect. Explore and be curious with new opportunities for relationships that you may have ignored. Reconnect and mend fences with old relationships may be possible on new terms.

4) No matter what, consider being grateful for balance sheet of relationships. Grateful for what feels good, has been good and is good. Grateful for the learnings, past pain, and current pain. What can it teach?

**Relationship with Yourself**

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 with yourself.

Maybe you included it already. You are a person you have a relationship with. That voice inside your head that talks to yourself. What does that person say? What does that person believe? Does it match the external expressions of you?

**Other Topic you want to Thrive on**

Steps 1 through 4 work for me, with adjustments to the topic.

Other ideas are:
1) Spiritual
2) a Specific Relationships with Kid(s), Parents, Friend
3) Business/Enterprise

What a beautiful opportunity to reconnect, slowdown and build awareness this virus has given us. Grateful.

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