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Born in 1973, raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Son – Kai
Twin Identical Daughters – Pepper and Blaize

Attended Lincoln Hall Middle School. Graduated in 1987
Attended Loyola Academy High School. Graduated in 1991
Attended Northern Illinois University. Graduated in 1995 with a degree in General Studies

I am the Chairman and Co-Founder of the BootsnAll Travel Network. In 1999 a few friends and I started building the travel community called “BootsnAll” that focused on travel, learning and leaning into the uncomfortable. After lots of ups and downs in building a self-funded and sustainable publishing business, we refocused on Long-Term/Indie Travel in 2011.

As of September 2018, I am a travel servant at AirTreks.

Indie Travel Manifesto (written in 2010)
Travel Access Project (founded in 2015)
Indie The World’s 1st RTW Airfare Engine (founded in 2013)
BootsnAll – Perhaps the World’s Best Resource for Long-Term Travelers (founded 1998)
Built WorldCupBlog and TheOffside. It was ranked as 1 of the 50 most powerful blogs in the world by the Guardian. (link) (Sold to SBNation, now Vox Media in 2011)
In December of 2013, BootsnAll Acquired AirTreks

Random About Me
– Played competitive ice hockey from age 6 to age 12.
– I believe that long-term travel is perhaps, one of the best ways to get a boots on the ground education
– Ran 3 marathons
– Delivered Newspapers on a Bicycle Paper Route for almost 3 years in my late 20s.
– Traveled around the world a few times
– I’ve lived on $500/month USD in the USA for 3 years in my 20s as BootsnAll was getting going.
– Frequently searching for the “why” of things, people, and myself
– Went to World Cup 2006 and produced WorldCupBlog.org while there for 7 weeks.
– Co-Produced a Son in 2010.
– Co-Produced identical daughters in 2012
– I’ve spent large parts of the North America Winter in 2011 and 2012 in Ohope, New Zealand (Living and Working)
EO Portland member since 2006
– YPO Member since 2014

I live in Snowden, Washington (since 2010)

Some Videos and Podcasts that I am in
Zero to Travel Podcast

Trekking in Nepal
BootsnAll B-sides
BootsnAll YouTube Account

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