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November 1st, 2014

Surfing at 1000 frames per second: Chris Bryan

Worth 7 minutes of my life to watch. Injoy.

from Chris Bryan

April 15th, 2006

Dead Poet’s Society

As I work my around to this time zone, I watched Dead Poet’s Society today, not having seen it since 1989.

It’s almost like seeing it for the 1st time after all these years.

Superb movie and some gr8 messaging about living life fully and going for it.  I reckon so many times I see folks “living lives of quiet desperation”, including myself.  Even though it is Hollywood, I like the message and how it left me feeling inspired.

Oh Captain my Captain! šŸ™‚

August 22nd, 2005

Big Fish: The Movie

I am trying to rest up this week with Hood to Coast just a few days away. I finally finished watching,Big Fish, the movie after starting and falling asleep 2 other times.

I loved this movie. The previews did not turn me on when I saw them a few years ago. There were a few moments in the movie where I just started crying. I guess I was sad/happy to see the guy and his pops connect b4 he died.

When I saw Cinderella Man w/ momma, I did the same thing. It almost feels weak to admit that I cried . I did. It felt good.

January 9th, 2005

Hotel Rwanda: The Movie

I just got back from seeing the movie, Hotel Rwanda.

A superb film it was.  I recommend it to anyone.

The group I went with discussed it after.  I suggested this movie/this topic should be brought into the ciriculum of high school seniors or something like that.  Force young folks to see it, study what happened…in general, force ’em to be aware of what can happens on this planet.

Beside being inspired and saddened from the movie, I again, realize how great we have it in this country and in many parts of earth.

November 5th, 2003

Radio: The Movie

Wednesdays when I am in Portland…are movies with Mum day. Today we saw Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris.

We both agreed that it is an excellent story with a positive message. And at the end, we found out it is a true story which made me feel even better that folks in this world treat each other nicely sometimes.

There was a quote from the movie that stuck with me as true.

Ed Harris was wondering why he was doing what he was doing out loud to his wife. Questioning himself as if what he was doing did not matter.

The wife said,

“Ain’t nothing wrong with caring about someone” or something like that.

It seems like a good line and why should anyone ever feel bad for reaching out and caring about another human?

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