April 5th, 2020

3rd Party Candidate for US President?

A few weeks ago, I started sharing this idea with some friends.

Has there ever been a time that a 3rd party candidate could “win” the election in USA in November 2020 better than now?

With the 2 primary sides barking, politicking, and I don’t know what they are doing – perhaps an independent candidate could emerge that might be better than 2 old guys, 1 with a career in politics, and 1 with a career in reality tv.

Maybe, with all the crisis folks are feeling now, could be the perfect time to try another type of leadership. Maybe a path based on math, science, values and purpose.

I am impressed with the clarity the Singaporean PM communicates with (Doesn’t sound like an advertising campaign that may of our leaders use)

Disclaimer: I don’t know the PM outside of this speech. ie. his politics and perspectives. I am not endorsing him – just enjoying the style, energy and demeanor.

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