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October 25th, 2010

Our Future as Chinese subjects

October 25th, 2010

Our Future as Chinese subjects.

March 17th, 2008

Bear Stearns: Sad Story of Legal Robbery

The 2007 calendar year was one in which America’s financial system more or less collapsed, though we didn’t realize how thoroughly until early in 2008. It was also a year in which Wall Street paid out record bonuses, a total of $38 billion at just a handful of banks (source). One of the firms that paid out $billions, Bear Stearns, essentially went bankrupt last week, but is being bailed out at taxpayer expense (story).

More and via Philip Greenspun

How fucked up is this shit? Billions in bonuses and then taxpayers pay the final bill. Legal Robbery. Thou shalt not steal GW.

June 8th, 2005

Interest-Only Mortgages

Interest-Only Mortgages All the Craze
These type of loans are enticing. I have not done them – the 2 places I have bought in the past 2+ years I did 10% down and try to get it below 80% ASAP. My business is risky enough that I don’t want to risk it. For the folks that go for it on interest only, I say go for it. But beware, one day you may need to pay the piper. No one knows for sure.

May 26th, 2005

Mortgage rates take another fall

With Mortgage rates so low and home prices shooting up all around the country, everyone I know is getting into real estate. It reminds me a little of the dot com bust in the last 90’s. Everyone was buying yahoo and it would go up 30 bucks in 1 day.

I reckon this is not as bad, but when everyone is doing it and talking about it, it is usually towards the end of a cycle. Not that I know for sure…just my impression.

May 22nd, 2005

Wall Street Survival 101

November 9th, 2004

GOOG: Insider Transactions for GOOGLE

October 1st, 2004

2003 Taxes

I am just filing my income return for 2003. My accountant prepared them for me this year since we have a few companies and it can get very confusing. After just signing all these documents, I don’t understand why it has to be such a complicated process. All these forms and bullshit just for keeping track.

Would a flat tax or more simple tax code alleviate this paperwork nightmare? I am not sure, but for someone that likes to move forward, this stuff seems to be too much nonsense.

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