March 21st, 2020

Front Windshield

As the world, our communities, and enterprises navigate the rapid change in the world, I am seeing myself and others stuck in a story…

The story of the past – what things “used to be like”.

Feeling loss over what things, money, life was like even 1 week ago.

I am imagining my life, my family, community and the world is like a car that has:

Front Window
Side Window
Rear Window

The rear window is the past, what things used to be like. It was beautiful at the time, and now it is gone.

Side windows is where I/family/community is today. The present.

Front Window, is the immediate future that we can see right now.

I am doing my best to see the facts/beauty of today and am looking at the immediate future that is materially different from the rear window and attempting to accept/embrace it now.

What beauty will be here that perhaps I missed in my previous view from even a day or 1 week ago?

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