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July 19th, 2022

Summer 2022 – What I am working on and thinking about

Reading a lot about how interconnected we all are

Deep in nature vs the concrete of cities – it suits me.

Deep listening with people that on the outside, look and appear much different than me

2023 Business Plans for Travel and more.

Time with my children in nature and on farm. Deep listening with them. Only after some time, I’ve learned, can be 30 minutes or more will they start to reveal to bring about connection, learning and “what is the truth here really”.

Lots of Farming, which means lots of learning, and often times being appropriately scared. (via my ignorance) – Many folks are asking about hunting on Oregon Private Land

Thinking about opportunity cost and more including being intentional and having fun with the next stage of life (I turn 50 in 2023)

Love to you and those you love.

Is this it?! Sean Keener's Personal Blog

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