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November 14th, 2011

Roger McNamee on Disruption and engagement

1) Windows is dying

2) Index Search has peaked

3) Apps beat Web

4) HTML5

5) ?

6) Social Platforms are set

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December 15th, 2007

SSD vs Memory

Server/computers are about to get a helluva lot faster.

See Burtons post on SSD versus Memory. I can’t find the old post on PhotoMatt, but he was trying todo the same thing with his laptop not too long ago. (I think)

I don’t understand every part of what Burton is talking about, but it seems to me, that servers and computers, if built like this would become waaaaaay faster.

What does this mean for computing and scaling web services? Cheaper. easier, faster. Makes sense, doesn’t it. Looks like this step might be a bit of a leap though versus the typical speed improvements from faster chips, HDD, memory and mother boards.

January 26th, 2007

1st time in a Country: Belize

I’m going to Belize in April for the 1st time. It has been awhile since I have travelled to a new country/region on this earth so I am getting a bit excited. Having to help me remember all the stuff I find about Belize is super helpful. I’ll just keep bookmarking and when I get close to going…it’ll be super easy to find it again. Yer baby!

January 19th, 2007

iPhone: the Savior Device

January 10th, 2007

Brown nosing the Apple iPhone

Brown nosing. Every blogger this side of the moon is talking about how great the Apple iPhone is. And man, Apple is great at building the buzz for a product that is still 5+ months away from being available. Talk about viral marketing. Wow.

The part that cracks me up is that folks drink the sauce and believe that it is the greatest product ever. And it is not even out yet and they have not tried it. Brand power going on there.

Kottke says: “Looks like a thing of beauty
Techcrunch says: “They have so much horsepower and untested software packed into this tiny device that the first version will almost certainly have problems – overheating, bugs, etc. That won’t stop millions from buying it as soon as it is available. And it won’t stop me, either.”

Hype, hype, hype. Almost every blogger out there is talking about it (look at me, I’m jumping in too!)

MH says that he is excited and optimistic about it. I would say I most relate to his thoughts on it. I hope it is as good and does everything like they say it will. Based on their history, they may well do it.

Fun times we live in…the hype it up bigger than everyone else times. Dave talks of how smart Steve Jobs is on launching this thing.

January 8th, 2007

Commenting from obscurity

Check out the comments on this post. This dude has been super bigtime troll in the past. Giving this a link and whatnot is probably not the best thing – I just cracked up when I read what GeoffH wrote.

I’d love the day when you have to be a person to comment. Gets rid of a lot of the anonymous commenting crap and hopefully comment spam.

January 6th, 2007

Twitter Badge Slowness

I put this twitter badge on the top of this site a few months ago. It is a little javascript thingy that pulls my latest twitter update. I noticed it be slow more than a few times and then recently, Mika installed it as well and started bitching at the slowness of it. He has taken it off his site since then.

I am wondering, if Ev/Biz Stone (the blokes who started/have something todo with this company) use the same badges that we use. I don’t goto their sites often, but next time I get teh twitter slowness…I’ll check theirs to see if the same thing afflicts them.

Anyway, if you want to sign-up for my twitter updates, you can so it via SMS and receive these notices on your phone. Just sign-up at and subscribe to my updates.

January 5th, 2007

Inline Spell Checking in Firefox 2.0

Pretty handy that they built in spell checking for web forms in Firefox 2.0. For bloggers and folks that do a lot of writing inside these web forms, this is super handy. I’m gonna recommend this to all of BnA’s travel loguers.

I think I saw this first from Gina at Lifehacker.

November 21st, 2006

RSS Feeds and Managing them: Feed Foundry from Feedburner?

We have 10s of 1000s of RSS feeds inside the BootsnAll Travel Network and have had them for years. We never really had a handle on who used what though…I have been a kinda shoot them aim type of guy. Now we are going back to the drawing board on some of this stuff to actually measure what is being used and how can we make it more usable for travelers?

Well, we are playing with the pro version of Feedburner on theOffside now. Some neat metrics etc are included in this. We are considering using Feed Foundry (that this the Press Release – can’t find concrete info on feedburners site about it) to manage at least a few 100 of our feeds. Anyone with some feedback on this product?

November 14th, 2006

Productivity Gains and waste via consulting firms

Like most folks, I have a bunch of friends and whatnot that work in huge companies that have 100s of consultants running around charging $300+/hour. Most times I hear that these folks are not worth it…but a bunch of reasons keep them around.

Joel breaks down one way that they transfer wealth between huge companies. It’s a gr8 read and cracked me up.

(I wrote this during some talk at Phocuswright that is kinda boring – or at least this one is not relevant to me. Priyan Fernando of Global Business Travel of Amex is talking about this that the other. This conference is I think for executives…and I guess I am one as well – but I guess I see myself more as a traveler still. 🙂 )

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