February 13th, 2020

What I am working on – Winter-Spring 2020

Happy New Year.

Still enjoying my role as a travel servant at AirTreks. The Coronavirus is interesting issue to handle for global travelers no doubt.

I am the board chair for the Wayfinding Academy. This continues to fun, challenging and so much to learn in trying to start a new college.

Nori.com is working on building a carbon marketplace to reverse climate change. Nori interviewed me briefly in late 2019 as we participated in there carbon sale.

Kids, Kids, Kids – coaching soccer, learning from my children, guiding my children. I am having so much fun, fun, fun.

Learning – I’ve been studying the 15 commitments of conscious leadership and getting deep into it. My understanding of this is it might be considered a modern framework for the yoga sutras

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga.

Walk and Talks, Walk and Talks, Walk and Talks.

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