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April 20th, 2022

Spring 2022 – What I am working on

Rebuilding and reconsidering after world travel collapse of past 2 years.

Paying attention to my healthy and unhealthy habits in an effort to optimize.

Lots of movement and walk and talks with friends. I played Water Polo for the 1st time in 30 years recently.

Children are back into sports after 2 years off. I’m coaching and enjoying working with young motivated people again. It is so fun being the Rainbow Unicorns Coach for 3rd Grade Girls.

Thinking a lot about cycles and how they repeat/rythme.

Some Readings:

Short Video of Dalio’s Book

Thich Nhat Hanh (RIP – children and I regularly read the How To books)

October 10th, 2021

Fall 2021 – What I am working on

I will be 50 in 15 months so being intentional with my time is something I’m reflecting on and looking at the man in the mirror to evaluate, “Am I being intentional” and aligning my action, words, and time with my values and purpose.

I hope so.
– Enjoying being a parent and all the learning that they are teaching me. When I sense frustration, or impatience bubbling up during a chaotic moment, I’ve been able to breathe, and ask myself, “What is this moment here to teach me” – This enables me to be more curious vs reactive and the love and empathy that flows from this is amazing.

– AirTreks is still trucking along almost 2 years into Covid. International Travel and Around the World Travel has drastically changed and the market for around the world travel services is much smaller than it used to be.

– I continue to spend as much of my time in “nature” as possible. Nature being away from cars, concrete and ambient noise that humans make. I enjoy the city still, just do my best work and living being more vicerally connected to the earth.

– The past 15 months I have been interviewing farmers and working on a farming oriented start-up. As I write that, I realize Farm and Start-up are not 2 words that I historically see together.

Happy Fall to you and those you love.

March 25th, 2021

What I am working on Spring 2021

– Studying love and intimate relationships. The social science on this has matured in my lifetime, and how our parents “did it”, what works, and doesn’t has evolved. Reflecting on my choices and how I want to show up in this part of life.

– Helping kids transition back to in person school, and supporting them as they just finished a year+ of remote school and very few in person interactions with friends. Thinking and exploring ways I can best serve my children AND the next generation (other children)

– Exploring and investing in many new ventures the past 6 months including a carbon farming enterprise.

– Meeting with many farmers, listening, learning and wondering “why is it done this way” – learning how inefficient and seeing lots of super challenging opportunities around farming, community and education

– fasting – did a 6 day fast, 4 day fast and a few more multi-day fasts the past quarter. I feel good and intentional when I slow down and think vs “it’s breakfast time!”

– Lots of time outside, in nature/away from concrete/roads/man made noise.

– I paid attention to the news more in the past year, than the past 7 years combined. I felt like it might be helpful – not sure it was. Shutting it down again and feeling more connected and action oriented.

– Continuing to take online classes in places and areas that I am weak – A Decision Making and Anti-Fragility Course

Whatever you are doing, and thinking about….the light in me, sees the light in you.

December 1st, 2020

What matters?

Here’s a start

Ourselves – Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Our Families – Once ourself is cared for, guide, help, and empower family members – especially children. Siblings, parents, etc have already made choices in life once adults and may or may not want to be on the empower train with you.

Our Friends – For some of us, friends are our chosen family and we have energy and resources and needs to feel human connection with people that we feel sympatico with in values, purpose and fun. Friendships in my experience leads to more experiences, opportunities for learning, laughing and growing our net worth (how we feel about ourselves) and net assets (The balance sheet version)

Our Communities – This can be your neighbors, Sunday morning coffee with friend(s), an internet affinity group, or whatever “thing” helps you feel in community to be seen, heard and understood. Be careful with which communities you choose to be a part of? Politics and Large communities like Countries are often dysfunctional and it’s members are yelling, politicking and building community in the context of power, control and being the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong.

Our Planet – this is the most obvious one, yet, in today’s digital culture – maybe the most not seen, despite us living in/on it. In our growth as a species to almost 8 billion of us – we are using resources at an alarming pace that may not be sustainable on the current trajectory. Care for the planet, however you can as it is part of you.

Any time I spend time – not on these 5 things – I ask myself, “Does it matter?

June 14th, 2020

What I am working on – Spring and Summer of 2020

Some things that I am enjoying the past 90 days or so:
Neighbors are out and want to talk
Kids are home from school and working with them all day
Less consumerism
Building awareness
Walk and talks with more people, more often.
Reading lots of books

At AirTreks, we are helping our customers for about 90 days now, unwind their travel and prepare for rebooking.

Continue work with Wayfinding Academy, as it navigates Covid-19, being a new college, #BLM and more.

Participated in a few Akimbo Workshops and continue to do so.

Taking a class on Conscious Parenting

More Gardening

Somedays, not much

Sending health, love and gratitude to you.

April 20th, 2020

What is under that log?

I’m cleaning up in the yard and there a more than a few logs that have been sitting there for a few years. I rolled over a few of them this morning, and all sorts of creatures were underneath and a bit suprised that their home was just wrangled by a giant.

Bugs, amphibians, all sorts. The wood had tunnels and caverns on the bottom side that were not noticeable from the topside. It was a world into it self.

I am considering after this, what else is “living” under things that I don’t turn over? Both in real life and metaphorically.

Other animals lives, that I just don’t know about. Animals, humans and so many species, doing its thing, and “ignorant” of each other and our co-dependency on each other and the earth.

I am feeling and remembering, how little I “know”. Someone said something like… We don’t know 1 millionth of 1 percent of anything.

Despite access to more information than ever via digital sources, we just do not, do we?

April 6th, 2020

Thriving during Uncertainty

Some ideas/a process:


1) Look at your personal balance sheet and new “income” or lack thereof. Look at the facts and separate from story. What is your runway in day/weeks/months/years?

2) What can you reduce? What daily/weekly/monthly/yearly expenses can you reduce or eliminate? This may help extend your runway?

3) What are new opportunities to earn? Explore and compare ideas.

4) If able/you have a runway….Breathe and look around. There are opportunities to adapt and do something adjacent or new.


1) Look at your personal “balance sheet” of relationships. What is serving you? Who can count on you, and who can you count on?

2) Are there folks who might benefit from a reduction in time and energy? This may help you invest your energy in people that return said energy vs suck you dry. Perhaps changing a perspective to curious may turn a relationship that sucks you dry into a learning experience?

3) What new opportunities to connect. Explore and be curious with new opportunities for relationships that you may have ignored. Reconnect and mend fences with old relationships may be possible on new terms.

4) No matter what, consider being grateful for balance sheet of relationships. Grateful for what feels good, has been good and is good. Grateful for the learnings, past pain, and current pain. What can it teach?

**Relationship with Yourself**

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 with yourself.

Maybe you included it already. You are a person you have a relationship with. That voice inside your head that talks to yourself. What does that person say? What does that person believe? Does it match the external expressions of you?

**Other Topic you want to Thrive on**

Steps 1 through 4 work for me, with adjustments to the topic.

Other ideas are:
1) Spiritual
2) a Specific Relationships with Kid(s), Parents, Friend
3) Business/Enterprise

What a beautiful opportunity to reconnect, slowdown and build awareness this virus has given us. Grateful.

April 5th, 2020

3rd Party Candidate for US President?

A few weeks ago, I started sharing this idea with some friends.

Has there ever been a time that a 3rd party candidate could “win” the election in USA in November 2020 better than now?

With the 2 primary sides barking, politicking, and I don’t know what they are doing – perhaps an independent candidate could emerge that might be better than 2 old guys, 1 with a career in politics, and 1 with a career in reality tv.

Maybe, with all the crisis folks are feeling now, could be the perfect time to try another type of leadership. Maybe a path based on math, science, values and purpose.

I am impressed with the clarity the Singaporean PM communicates with (Doesn’t sound like an advertising campaign that may of our leaders use)

Disclaimer: I don’t know the PM outside of this speech. ie. his politics and perspectives. I am not endorsing him – just enjoying the style, energy and demeanor.

April 4th, 2020

Newton’s 3rd Law

Newton’s 3rd law is still valid on earth to my knowledge (looks like it can be violated in certain nonequilibrium situations)

I reflect on it often, as the world GDP, consumerism and humans grow, grow, grow.

What is the equal and opposite reaction? Is it Covid-19 and the 2nd and 3rd order consequences?

I am enjoying the slow down, time with family and lots more connection with friends and community (digitally of course)

Covid-19 and it’s waves have “cost” me in many ways too, like much of humanity. The question I am asking myself, did I have “have” it – whatever it was anyway?

For me, these are exciting times for embracing change.

More Ideas that are Related:
Video Poem
Jeff V

March 27th, 2020

Why is this Free?

And what is the cost of “free”?

Energy can be neither created or destroyed – the 1st law of thermodynamics – how does this apply to today and free stimulus packages?

Many of my peers are running around excited today at the “free” money the US government approved today for businesses and others.

As I read through the documents of what/how/etc – I wonder “why”?

Why is this stimulus here?

What is the motivation of career politicians to pass this?

What is in it for them?

Do our politicians have any skin in this game?

Where does this “free” money come from?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, and I think about to ancient wisdoms and principles when a culture is rapidly changing or experience heighten emotions.

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