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March 25th, 2021

What I am working on Spring 2021

– Studying love and intimate relationships. The social science on this has matured in my lifetime, and how our parents “did it”, what works, and doesn’t has evolved. Reflecting on my choices and how I want to show up in this part of life.

– Helping kids transition back to in person school, and supporting them as they just finished a year+ of remote school and very few in person interactions with friends. Thinking and exploring ways I can best serve my children AND the next generation (other children)

– Exploring and investing in many new ventures the past 6 months including a carbon farming enterprise.

– Meeting with many farmers, listening, learning and wondering “why is it done this way” – learning how inefficient and seeing lots of super challenging opportunities around farming, community and education

– fasting – did a 6 day fast, 4 day fast and a few more multi-day fasts the past quarter. I feel good and intentional when I slow down and think vs “it’s breakfast time!”

– Lots of time outside, in nature/away from concrete/roads/man made noise.

– I paid attention to the news more in the past year, than the past 7 years combined. I felt like it might be helpful – not sure it was. Shutting it down again and feeling more connected and action oriented.

– Continuing to take online classes in places and areas that I am weak – A Decision Making and Anti-Fragility Course

Whatever you are doing, and thinking about….the light in me, sees the light in you.

Is this it?! Sean Keener's Personal Blog

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