October 12th, 2006

Travel Podcasting

Just got this email from a travel writer (let me know JB if I can say it’s you – I’ll link you then)

what can you tell me about travel podcasting? do you know any good examples? i’m thinking about adding audio reports, finished/edited pieces with reports and soundscapes as part of my blog but am not sure where to begin. (i just got a voice recorder for my ipod so i can at least make the files).

what can you tell me about travel podcasting?
Well – it’s not much different from podcasting – it’s just that the content is focused on travel. I like the idea of them, but I rarely listen to them – take a lot of time to download, and find good content. Someone like yourself – might be able to produce some compelling stuff.

Producing them can takes quite a bit of time. If you record it, upload it, and let it be – it’s not that hard. If you record, download, listen to it, edit it, add some tracks for intros, mix it etc – can take a loooooootttt of time.

How many people will listen to it? Well – probably not that many unless you are Britney Spears. Think about your mom – would she know how to download it and listen. Much easier to read a blog – no?

Having said that – there are some site/software that I have seen that embed a listening link in the page. You many need to set-up an account on a site like that though and get accepted. I have not seen another piece of software that exists to do that embedding – it probably exists though.

Do you know any good examples?

I don’t personally listen to Travel Podcasts that often. But our buddies over at LP have some and here is the podcasts tag on the BnA tag engine.

Hope this helps…

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  1. Daniel K. says:

    Odeo (http://www.odeo.com) also provides embeddable podcast players that you can put on your site. And thanks for the link!

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