January 21st, 2004

Comments from BootsnAll Traveler

We were e-mailing about his upcoming trip – I said “Bring double the money and 1/2 the shit” – here is his reponse. LOL.

Re $$: I’m gonna be saving like mad, but I’m fortunate that the job (when I get it) pays ok and I have very few expenses; I can save at least half of my income without feeling too deprived. I’m the stereotypical 40 year old guy living in his parent’s basement. Of course when I want to visit all my nice shit I drop by ex-wife’s

One Response to “Comments from BootsnAll Traveler”

  1. Jen Leo says:

    I’m glad you got this working again. It looks like you’ve been posting throughout December and January, BUT I’ve been checking several times throughout those months and always got error msgs.

    Cool. It must mean that *other* things can work now, too.

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