November 14th, 2015

Cut Crap from your life, not just expenses

Today’s prompt is about cutting expenses, which is super practical when saving for a big trip. I analyze at least once a year all of my personal and business expenses.

1) Which ones am I still using, and provide value
2) Am I spending money on something that is not aligned with my core values and purpose? (If so, AXE it)

When I look back at what I actually spent money on, I can’t kid myself, it’s there in black and white and evidence of what I value in this world.

I read the book Essentialism earlier this year and the thought processes that I went through helped me get to a place where I’m thinking 1st, about what to cut out of my life, and the resulting expenses will follow.


Cutting Expenses

Think about what you spend money on that isn’t a necessity, whether it be a fancy coffee, going out to lunch instead of packing one, or paying for cabs instead of taking public transportation.

When you are getting ready to travel what can you do to cut back on your expenses? Is there anything you do differently before you travel versus during?

CHALLENGE: Find something that you can save money on and commit to it for a week. What did you cut back on? How difficult was it to make this change? How much money did you save? Now search online and find out where you can afford a ticket (plane, train, bus) with the money you’ve saved.(If you are having trouble thinking of ways to cut back, check out our post on the subject.

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