November 15th, 2015

Contributing to the local economy when travelling

1) Goto the food markets, and buy from local vendors and merchants vs (KFC/McDonalds)
2) Stay at a local guesthouse, AirBnB, or a local hotel vs Marriott/Hilton/Some Chain
3) Goto local meet-ups, or Craigslist and more to find out what locals are interested in and meeting about. Go, listen, learn.

Give Back to the Local Economy

What are 3 ways you can make an effort to give back to the local economy when you travel?
CHALLENGE: Where did you go, what did you buy? How did buying from a smaller local place differ than going to a big chain? Do you feel like you helped give back to the local economy? What are some benefits of giving back, versus some potential issues with buying from small, family-run businesses. These may differ for those traveling abroad versus at home.

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