January 2nd, 2006

Casey Wahi: Rest in Peace

I just returned from Mt. Kili to a bunch of e-mail…

My friend Casey Wahi died on December 30th.  She was my age and suffered from MS the last few years of her life.  I am gutted to hear this and wanna extend a big hug to Vineet and family.

Memories of Casey
She was always super supportive of me/Bootboyz in our endeavors.  Even when we were paper boyz and towel boyz she’d be friendly and encouraging.

I’ll always remember her for the one  night that Vineet, Casey and a few friends were hanging out at High Street Brewery in Eugene talking about marriage, relationships and the such.

We listened to how Vineet and Casey met.  The conversation turned to my dating life and both Casey and Vineet asked me, "What am I looking for?"   They both a had a strict list of requirements that each filled for each other and were happier for it.

I did not have an answer.  Casey suggested that I should if I want a partner.  How else are you gonna know who is right if you don’t know what you want?  JenLeo and I discussed it many times over the years and Casey always brought it up in a supportive way.  I did come up with a list and finally shared bits of it with her last time I saw her in the hospital a few months ago.  It was nice to know that she cared.

Anyway…Casey was a super kind and kewl woman and I will miss her.  Read Vineet’s e-mail below if you did not receive it.

My beautiful sweet wife died this morning at 4:45am.  We’ve
been through an excruciating experience and the grief is overwhelming.  We
haven’t made plans for a service but will let everyone know when we
have.  Please DO NOT send flowers.  Instead, for those who wish, I am
requesting that any contributions be made in her memory to the National
Multiple Sclerosis Society-Oregon Chapter (MS Walk or general contribution)


You may also choose to contribute to People for Progress in
India http://www.ppi-usa.org/ in her

The above links will take you to the appropriate website.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, kind, and
generous with their thoughts.  The burden while she was suffering was great for
her and for our family.  Everyone’s support helped shoulder a piece of
the burden.

Thank you,


7 Responses to “Casey Wahi: Rest in Peace”

  1. Mary says:

    Dear Vineet,

    My only memory of you and your darling is at a fundraiser for Committed Partners for Youth. We sat at the same table and both of you spoke of how much you enjoyed my son, Sean. I was touched. Casey appeared calm and happy in her love for you and you in your love for her. I sensed a deep commitment between you, and I was moved by that maturity.

    She IS at peace, at home and will always be with you, Vineet. With time, you will heal, but there always be a part of your heart reserved for Casey. She well deserves that.

  2. Nick says:

    I echo those sentiments. I remember going over to Vineet and Casey’s house in Eugene Oregon to watch the fianl of the last World Cup. They were both great hosts and very accomodating.

    Thoughts go to both of them.

  3. Kristi Forsman says:

    Casey & I have been friends since grade school. We did 4H, summer camp, sleepovers, vacations etc. together. Casey was an amazing person. I always thought of Casey as my “interesting” friend. There was something different about her that I loved. She could tell stories so well…just the way she put things was funny (a lot of the time she wasn’t trying to be funny…which made it even more humorous). Casey never “kind of” did anything. Whatever she took on she did with passion, enthusiam, focus, confidence & sensibility. It doesn’t seem possible for a person with such presence & who was so full of life could be gone. It’s so sad & seems extremely unfair.

    I will miss Casey so much. I feel so fortunate to have known her most of my life. I am thankful for her amazing husband Vineet, who was the absolute perfect partner for her. I think of her Mom all the time…who is also amazing. Casey & I always agreed that we both lucked out in the “Mom Department”. I send my love to both of them & the rest of her family & friends.

    I will continue to talk to Casey & have her a part of my life. I will share with my eight month old daughter, Ruby, all the wonderful ways of Casey. I’m determined to keep her memory & extraordinary spirit alive. I will live extra for Casey.

  4. Mary says:

    What a beautiful eulogy, Kristi. I picked up on your “lucked out in the ‘Mom Department'”. Glad you realize that! And it was good for me to see it written down because I usually hear the pitfalls of a mother/daughter relationship. Nice change.

  5. marlene hoard says:

    Casey and I only met once, about two months ago. I was with her for only an hour and a half, but I knew I had just encountered one of those rare times you get the opportunity to meet a very special person. Love of life, family and friends poured out of her. She explained the story behind each picture on her closet door as if we were there together sharing the moment. I could feel her carry each rock as she built a water fall in her yard. I also learned a great deal about building one myself.

    Cards from all the students hung like wallpaper surrounding her with healing thoughts. There was so much love in that room for all the people in her life. She made me happier, just knowing her for the brief time that I did. Life was sweeter and more fragile when I left.

    My heart goes out to her family.

  6. Angela Tyler says:

    Your friend, Casey, who just passed away. When I met her at the Committed Partners for Youth Auction, we realized that we knew one another through work. We’d spoken over the phone for years, but never had met in person.

    Tonight, when I stopped by the folks’ to pick up my dog, my mother had the obituary article and pointed to her picture. I said I knew of this person. Why did she have it cut out? My mother told me that I used to play with Casey when I was a very little girl. My

    parents are friends with hers. In fact, there has to be a picture around somewhere of Casey and I in a bathtub together as little ones.

    What I knew of Casey–she WAS a very caring soul. I’m so sorry for Vineet’s loss. I know she touched the lives of many kids at school.

    Peace to Vineet.

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