September 20th, 2008

September thoughts 2008 on Travel, Economy and stuff

I’ve really slacked off on the blog lately. I’ve been blogging of sorts since 2000 or so and it’s funny to see it is so mainstream now. A girl at the gym today came up to and told me she wanted to start a blog on beauty stuff. I said, “Go for it!”

Been a bit more active on micro blogging stuff. SEKeener Twitter if you want to follow me over there.

Some interesting articles on all the USA economy stuff happening this week:

Travel Market
It’s fair to say that things are slowing down. This is the time that I start getting excited. All the bubble boyz will have a harder time in a slowing market no doubt and it gives us more room to continue to work on things that make us unique. We are still super excited at BootsnAll about the future of travel and travel information services online and are going full speed ahead. It’ll be interesting to see what companies in our space that get 5 to 15 million in capital:

– do with that money? BootsnAll can build all that technology for waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper…so I am guessing it’s for marketing?
– how will they give there investors a ROI on that money. I’m guessing they’d want 10x on that.
– what are they gonna do that is unique, folks understand and provide actual value for travelers, and that they will use.

Travel Blogging
We were one of the 1st to get into it, so many folks are into it now – there is a lot of noise. Sometimes we are adding to that noise – but I reckon overall, we are building great content and products that travelers want. Have a look at our Amsterdam Travel Guide. I was talking with Roger (the writer of that guide) today and looking really deep into that site and it is frickin’ amazing. So much depth, so much quality content, and so many reasons for folks that are visiting that town to want to read that – it blew me away. Yes – we could use a better design etc, but it is really on the right track for a site that is 1 year old this month.

Other stuff

  • My Cubbies are cruising along, hopefully into the playoffs. If so, see you in Chicago in October
  • I reckon we will pull out of this economic stuff at some point and am not gonna panic. You shouldn’t either. Tell your friend, family member, colleague that you love ’em and chill. The world and economies go through cycles and always has. Stressing about it won’t make it go away or help.
  • Thinking I might re-design this thing to better reflect the microblogging stuff that is really easier for me todo
  • Cheers and Happy Northern Hemisphere Fall.

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