May 10th, 2006

Quality of Life vs Simplifying Life

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what Mika posted about today. Life is stressful as anything at times for me as well and I think I know what he is talking about. Same wavelength mate.

Some things I am stressed about are:

  1. World Cup (getting it right)
  2. Woman
  3. Living situation (I live in my office)

All stress levels going up and down at various times much like Mika mentioned. All in all, the more work I put into ’em, the better I usually feel about ’em. The stress just hits me at certain moments – not all the time.

Simplifying Life (Is this part of the answer?)

I am not sure if I am romanticizing it, but when I took the greyhound bus into Eugene, Oregon to move there with nothing more than a backpack to my name…that was simple. No shit, no worries. Of course, I am sure there was…but more shit typically = more worries.

Today, still living in my office, I travel a tonne…I feel like I am in transition and am not sure if life is that simple right now. Sometimes I think of Nick in Bali, and wonder how simple things seem there…of course, with a wife and child, it might not be as simply as I remember it….I guess I always think of Nick as a guy that keeps things simple. He will be in Berlin, helping us produce World Cup Blog. Being around him helps remind me of the simple stuff in life. I love that stuff.

Angela mentioned this weekend that she thought it’d be nice to have a piece of land and live off of it. Another bloke I met recently said his day is “living off the grid” and he might like to join ’em. Just thinking, What exactly does it mean to simplify life?

  • Get rid of shit you don’t need
  • Get rid of excess debt
  • Have time where nothing is planned so that you can read, write, paint, run, talk – but it ain’t planned

What else can be done to simplify life? Google Search on Simplifying Life.

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