November 1st, 2015

Why I travel

When I saw the question “Why I Travel” – I immediately thought of the series that BootsnAll published in 2010/11 called How I Travel. Friend of BootsnAll, Steve Bramucci conceived and wrote this series.

And 1 HUGE reason why I travel, is to meet folks like Steve. Passionate, caring and out there in life going for it.

More Why I Travel

– Feeling a sense Freedom
– More exposure to raw experiences
– Stretch myself (physical, mental, social, and emotional)
– To continually learn and re-learn, that my way is not the only way
– It’s fun – often time feels like I’m riding on a “joy train”
– to feel connected to the world
– to learn
– It’s simple (Just me and a backpack or Van Living)

I changed today’s Indie Travel Challenge to “Why I travel”.

The prompts were:

Why did you first start traveling? Why did you continue to travel?

Why do you want to travel?

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