November 17th, 2015

Simple Moments

As I get older, I’m 42 years old when I’m writing this post, I appreciate and love this value.

As a young person, I was looking for that rush, and EPIC moment in travel and life.

The trick of it all is, that epic moments are happening all the time, right now. Where ever you are right now, be present for a moment and appreciate the details around you.

The long-term travel that I’ve done has helped me slow down and take the time to appreciate the simple moments in life.

For example, it’s 6:12 am on a Tuesday in November in the Pacific Northwest. It’s dark, it’s rainy, and I have a lovely cup of coffee. Just writing this short post…I’m injoying it.

Cheers to you and Seeking Pleasure in the Simple Moments & Details


Why only look for the big moment, spectacle or adventure when you travel? Try stopping along the way to enjoy all the little moments.

How do you enjoy the simple moments and details when you travel? What are the small things you enjoy in your everyday life?

CHALLENGE: The first thing in the morning ask yourself a question – “What would make me happy today?” Whatever pops into your head try to prioritize and make it happen.

What was the first thought you had? How did fulfilling it make you happy? How can doing this exercise each day help you find pleasure in the simple moments and small details when you travel?

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