November 12th, 2015

Packing Light and Simple

I like to start with a small bag, then work backwards from there to “fill” it, making sure to leave some space.

Here are my 2 favorite bags now that are carry-onable, and enough to travel around the world with.

The Tortuga Backpack

and the Minaal

Both bags, are a superb and will force you to pack light. Injoy!

Show us what is in your pack!

CHALLENGE 1: Share with us what’s in your pack right now, or what you bring on a long-term trip. Have you changed how much you bring since you first started our challenge?

CHALLENGE 2: Pretend you are going on a six-month trip and pack a bag. Show us what you are bringing. Do you think you should bring more? Bring less? Do you have any questions about what you should pack that you’d like to ask the community to help answer?

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