November 9th, 2015

Cultural Paranoia – don’t be a Panic Merchant

I’ve stopped watching and reading the news for sometime now for a bunch of reasons. One of the big ones besides it doesn’t add joy to my life, and from what I can tell, those around me, is the cultural paranoia of “news”.

“If it bleeds, it leads”. Every hear that? – sounds like a fun way to run a business, eh?

I LOVE this value of the Indie Travel Manifesto, “Practice Caution, Not Paranoia

When I used to watch the news, or when I run into people that bow at the alter of news, sometimes, these folks appear to live in a state of fear. They are fearful of this and fearful of that.

If the topic turns to international travel, it’s hard for me to believe, but there are still some folks who this is is “dangerous” over there. Where ever that is.

In the 2015 Peace/Danger Index the USA was 92 out of 162 in peacefulness and considered “medium” from a peaceful standpoint. Cuba is considered more peaceful according to this index.

Lists like this aside, every country or place in the world has places that are less safe and more safe. I’ve found being paranoid about it, is the WORST thing todo. Even going to “dangerous” places, is often safe in my experience. Locals are still living and going about their daily life.

Co-Founder of BootsnAll, Chris Heidrich used to call these people “Panic Merchants” – Folks that were buyers and sellers of panic.

I choose to not be one. What’s your choice?

When traveling it’s good be be cautious and safe, but you don’t want to become so paranoid about your safety that you don’t enjoy your journey.

How can you practice travel caution without becoming paranoid?

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