November 13th, 2007

Passionate Communities

I just calculated today. 23 straight days of work. I don’t do this as much as the early days, but it is still a lot of fun to pound it out once in awhile. We’ve had year-end meetings and I have been flying around the US for conferences and meetings. Lotsa fun it has been.

At our year-end – we talked about the Community a lot. Here is what we came up with – the good and the bad. It has been an excellent experience and humbling to hear back from folks that care and participate. Even though we have been doing this for 9+ years, there is still a tonne to improve on.

I got some free tickets to the Portland TrailBlazers game tonight via my insurance guy. Taking my pops for his 60th birthday. If you know him, call or send him an email and tell him he is a good bloke and wish him well.

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