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October 23rd, 2007

Random Thoughts: Mid October 2007

I’ve been doing and running BootsnAll for 9 full years once November hits. Hard to believe it. I’m 34 years old now. That makes it 26.4% of my life that I have been building this travel website with great friends and passionate colleagues.

Many of you know that we don’t just do travel websites anymore. We have tried a few things over the years, and the community that has grown the most is the World Cup Blog community. We recently re-launched it in preparation for South Africa 2010. New team blogs for the teams that were not part of the final 32 in 2006. We use a version of WordPress MU for this site. For Germany 2006, MU was a platform that was just not ready for what we needed, so we took a standard WordPress install and hacked the crap out of it to make it work. I am glad to see MU mature.

Someone asked me the other day, “Keener, where is your next trip planned for” – and besides some stuff around the states, I don’t have anything planned. This may be the 1st time in 9 years that I was not planning/hankering to get away. Been exploring the USA and Canada a bit more the past few years after neglecting it for overseas stuff. I feel lucky to live in a place that has just about every type of environment form Mountains to oceans, deserts to rain forest. It’s all here! I have 2 more trips to Vegas this year (to make it 5 for the year) – but that just doesn’t feel like travel to me – more like an amusement park that gets you there cuz every conference is there as well.

Check out Alex Bainbridge’s Blog on Travel Industry. Well done sir.

October 5th, 2007

Super Positive Man – Alec Baldwin on Friends

A new friend of mine from Chicago sent the following video to me with the note, “this is you”…referring to the character Alec Baldwin plays in this episode of Friends. I shared it with Brian and Robyn (old friends) and they sorta agreed that I have my moments of being gay (in the happy sense) like this character.

I think some of my other friends like Hydro and Nick may laugh as well at it. I sure did.

October 4th, 2007

Cubs, Sports and Fitness

I love the Cubs, but they did not deserve to win last night. Spent the game at a bar called Brownstone’s. Good times even though they lost. The energy behind this team is palpable. My old buddy McGovern says that they have not had a night game at Wrigley on a saturday nite for years or maybe forever because it is a neighborhood and there is an agreement not to with the neighbors. So if they can win tonight before coming back to Wrigley for Sat and Sunday – should be a great time and atmosphere.

Quote me mum sent me this morning…

Sports are the reason I am out of shape. I watch them all on TV. – Thomas Sowell

Go Cubs – 1 of the 1st two and we are in it.

October 2nd, 2007

MLB Playoff Tickets – Cubs

Since made the trek out to Chicago for the Cubs playoff run, I decided that I just have to goto the games. We’ve all tried craigslist before – and yes – it can work but it is a zoo trying to be the 1st and the competition is high.

So I went to Stubhub. Yes – they rape and pillage on the price as well, but at least it is not just a text listing service like Craigslist. They have a map of Wrigley and give you an awesome idea of where the seats are and made it a very easy process. And the fan buyer protection thing is cool too. Some jag off is less likely to rip you off through a 3rd party like Stubhub.

Try them out yourself on the link below

October 1st, 2007

In Chicago For Cubs Playoff Run

Chicago Cubs Logo I flew into Chicago yesterday to be hear for a hopefully long playoff run by the Cubbies. So I’ll be working remotely from random near-north side locations. Trying to meet up with old friends while here. Email me if you are around.

Got 4 tickets for the game 3 on saturday. Here’s to hoping that it is a meaningful game.

Folks are excited. Seeing the St. Louis Cardinals win it all last year after only winning 83 games in the regular season has some folks believing. I don’t know what to think and will not make any predictions but will cheer my nutz off.

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