November 24th, 2015

Eating while travelling

In the past 10 years or so, when travelling for business, I’ve struggled with my optimal diet at time.

At home, I buy whole foods and eat a balanced healthy diet. When I get on the road, with meetings and socializing, I have, at times become less aware when I eat. I have tended to eat more, and with less discretion. Often times, coming back from a trip with a few extra pounds and feeling, “Puffy”.

In the past year, I’ve made a massive effort to change this behavour.

Strategies for Eating Well on the road
1) Bring healthy snacks for transition times like air travel. Fruit, nuts, protein bars, an empty water bottle.

2) With things like homestays and AirBnB taking off the past 5 years or so, get a place with a kitchen and shop local and cook. Eating out, as we all know is fun, but more expensive and often times may not be as healthy as choices you would make when you are preparing/cooking yourself.

3) When I do find myself out for events and dinners, I’ve been limiting my alcohol consumption to 1 or none. I find I make better eating decisions when I’m not going with the flow and have more than 1 drink.

4) For me, simple is beautiful. If I don’t have snacks to carry me over, I avoid all fast food joints. Almost always I can find an apple, or banana or something sensible that tastes good versus a Big Mac, Filet or Fish etc.

5) Local Markets – I injoy going to them and find what is in season and interesting to build a small reservoir of healthy eating options.

6) Slow down – Moving fast, trying todo everything, leaves less time for eating. When I go slow, I injoy what I’m eating/cooking and making the healthy choices that bring more joy.

Cooking on the Road

Traveling on a budget often means cooking your own food. As we travel we all come up with some creative ways to eat, and learn some amazing new cuisines – so let’s share our favourites.

CHALLENGE: Share a dish you’ve learned to cook abroad, or your favourite recipe you cook yourself when traveling. We aren’t looking for “pasta with butter” type of dishes. We want your most creative, healthy, and delicious recipes. Write down your recipe, title your dish, and share. Bonus points if you provide photos or make a cooking-show style video!
Bonus points if you provide photos, or make a cooking-show style video.

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