November 23rd, 2015

Slowing down in a modern world

It was easy
My 1st few indie travel experiences in the mid 90s did not have smartphones, iPads, and kindles available to interrupt slow travel moments and time.

Some memories of slowing down:
1) On many of my trips, deciding to goto 1 place for a period of time, instead of multiple places in a country trying to see it all

2) Chillin’ out in Warsaw for 6 weeks while I sorted out Ukraine visas. Instead of blasting around Eastern Europe, I did a 2 little trips out of Warsaw and just enjoyed where I was, versus where I could go. (Sept 1996)

3) Winter in New Zealand – I was married at the time, and I was happy to slow down and get to know the Waikato Region of New Zealand for 1 month in 2010 and 5 months in 2011/12.

Tools of Today, make this a bit more challenging

I highlighted the idea on a previous prompt. Today’s tech tools mentioned above, make it difficult to mentally slow down.

It’s uncanny, how many people I see relentless in their ability to check facebook, text message and be phrozen to their phone when waiting or they have 10 seconds of down time.

I am not judging. I am this person at times.

A few ideas for Slowing Down in Life and Travel

1) Chuck the devices away for 1 day or for a weekend. Or if you are on the road for a longer trip, put them away for a week or a month. Trust yourself, you can do it.

2) I’m a lucky man, and have 3 children aged 5, 3, 3. When together – I learned to “hide” the devices, including mine. It’s not an option then, and we end up having fun and learning without them.

3) When I’m waiting, just seeing other folks around me phrozen to their phones, reminds me to be present and slow the mind down.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve heard countless people say they don’t have time to travel the world or do the things that they want to.

I’ve realized, we have the time, it’s a choice. We are free to choose how we spend every minute of everyday.

Will you spend you life checking facebook 1 more time. Will I?

Slow Down & Enjoy An Experience

Tell us about a time you slowed down and enjoyed an experience and how “slow travel” can be the best way to travel.

CHALLENGE: Go to a park, outdoor cafe, beach, or somewhere outdoors where you are around people. Sit for an hour without using a phone, laptop or other device. Just sit, watch, listen, observe, and enjoy the experience.
Did you learn anything about yourself or others during this time? How do you feel slowing down can help you experience a place better?

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