June 10th, 2006

YouTube: The Walled Garden

Being at the World Cup and helping produce World Cup Blog has been awesome so far.  We currently have a Brazilian Fan Video that Nick took a few days ago. It is currently on the homepage of YouTube as a featured video. To this point, it has been viewed 76,000 times.

I would agree with MattH as the title of this posts suggests – it is a bit of a walled garden.  WCBlog has gotten about 51 visitors from this video out of 75,000+ views…very low.  The average blog that links to us sends more traffic.

The YouTube API is still awesome…it helps us store and share the videos bigtime.  The offshot is that we are sharing with the youtube community…which is also fine.  Check out the comments on the Brazil video – all spam and mostly nonsense.

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