June 7th, 2006

2 a.m. Berlin

It’s been a huge day.  Challenging, test of patience, awesome.  A lot of life smashed into 24 hours.  Sitting here listening to the Garden State Soundtrack and playing this World Cup game while the rest of the WCBoyz sleep.
Got off the phone about 1/2 hour ago with RadioIslam.  They interviewed me for about 40 minutes on my World Cup predictions, security here in Germany, and other random stuff.  Nick was sleeping on the couch and snooring and Peter and I got his arse to bed as the interview started. Kinda funny.  Sleep walking Nick.
WCBlog is growing like mad – I predicted that the growth curve would be steep, and it has been.  We had some almost meltdown’s the past 24 hours or so…but I hope and pray we make it through.  We are all doing out best to make things work smoothly.

About 36 hours or so till this WC starts.  Can’t wait – been a long time coming and preparing.  Hope all is well wherever you are.  One more game before bed. 🙂

One Response to “2 a.m. Berlin”

  1. Kelly says:

    One of my favorite soundtracks (and movies too 🙂 Good luck tomorrow with the WC kickoff!

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