October 24th, 2006

New Design and Stuff on Sean.Keener.org

OK – I think I got almost everything worked out on this site. Wanna know what everything is, why it is there, and how it works.

Read about it after the jump.

Top grey bar. I can update that bar via Twitter (SEKeener Twitter page) using the web, or SMS. So if I SMS a note to it, I can update that bar. Think of it as kinda whatever message….what I might be doing or thinking at any given moment.

Header Image: Helen Lake in Bampf National Park, Canada

My Schedule: Shows 2 of my upcoming events. Links through to the details as well.

My Personal Blog on Vox It’s private – you gotta be a member on Vox and connected to me to see it. The vox blog will be more for family and friends…let me know if you want an invite.

What I am Reading in the left hand column is my Del.icio.us ReadingNow tag. I usually update that list a few times per day.

I hope this blog is a bit more useful for me and readers. Cheers and as always, I love feedback.

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