June 7th, 2005

THEFarm Video(s) and Pic

BishnucowboyA new friend, Bishnu came up to THEFarm (yes – we are doing a separate website for this place – more coming soon)this past weekend along with Kathryn, Jessica, Dewey, and Jill joing Chris and I.  Enjoy the following video’s.  Bishnu is from Nepal and is a trekking guide.  We had a superb time and I look forward to doing a trek with him in Nepal w/in the next year.  Annapurna, Everest Base-Camp, Bhutan, Tibet – gonna do ’em all!

Download Bishnu-hill.avi
(Bishnu rolling down the hill) (12 megs)

Download mtadams-video.avi
(Wind, hills and Mt. Adams) (10 Megs)

2 Responses to “THEFarm Video(s) and Pic”

  1. rhondad says:

    Hey Sean,

    Great pics of the Farm… I remember last time we met up you talking about buying a country house somewhere so good for you & Chris for taking the plunge!!!

    From personal experience I can tell you that you will make good use of that weed-eater!

    Hope all is well… I can’t believe I missed another bootsnall gathering as didn’t realize it was happening until day-of and we already had plans..perhaps next time!

    Talk soon


  2. tickles says:

    that must be one of the ‘twin mountain views’ eh??? It looks so beautiful. I wish we had big open fields with flowers here. [sigh] I just want to run thru them and have picnics, and yes, roll down the hills.

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