April 24th, 2008

Dancing in the Himalayas

Backstory: Our guide, Bishnu and and porter Drupa, loved this Nepali Musician (watch video to listen). As we started our trek in some small town, they bought a little tape player and the tape of this artist. Almost every town we came into, Bishnu and Drupa would break out into a dance and start jamming, Nepali style. Eventually Adam and I caught on and just didn’t care that we looked like wankers and just danced.

So, it was a great time. I am thinking of seriously going back for a 2 or 3 week trek later this year. Who wants to go?

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One Response to “Dancing in the Himalayas”

  1. rachel maltz says:

    OMG looks like so much fun!!! You totally brought me back!! SO many memories!! Do you know the name of the artist?? It sounds like the same singer as “Sim Sim Mi Paani”(my favorite song ever!!!)
    I’d love to go back…so if you’re serious and you want to go with someone who is almost but not quite a total stranger lemme know! It’s been 13 yrs since I was there and at that time I swore I would be back within a year…hmmn so sad!!

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