April 28th, 2007

Some Stupid Travelers near Mt. Everest

Maybe you read about these student protesting in front of the Chinese near Mount Everest. It appears that they were protesting on the Chinese side of Mt. Everest.

Not a smart move

Here are some of their quotes:

“The entire thing was fairly traumatic … not sleeping for over 30 hours, being denied food and water for over 14, basically being psychologically terrorized,” Service said Saturday in Katmandu.


During the interrogation, Service said a Chinese guard threatened her, saying: “If you don’t tell the truth, you will sleep in this room and harm will come to you.”

“I asked her if she threatened me; she nodded yes,” Service said. “I became very afraid for my own safety and the safety of my friends.”

Hello. China is not a democracy you idiots. What did you expect to happen when you did this? Yes, you got all this media attention and are on Yahoo’s homepage for a few hours. So well done on that front.

Most savvy travellers know that you don’t go into a communist country that is not your own and protest stuff. Wake up young folks. 30 hours of no sleep. I weep for you. Harm was almost done to you since it was “fairly” traumatic, but not quite. You put yourself in that situation. Don’t come crying about it now.

Stories like this crack me up a little bit. It seems like a scripted thing happened and they got the outcome that they wanted.

One Response to “Some Stupid Travelers near Mt. Everest”

  1. Barrie says:

    G’Day Sean,

    Maybe they don’t realise how delightful (!!) it is in a Chinese prison. Whatever the case, they should not have been desecrating such a scared place as Everest with their ‘attitudes.

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