January 4th, 2014

Just Go

In the past 3 months, a few friends and acquaintances of mine have died. All 3 died got ill and died within a year or less.

Besides the pain and sadness of them passing, I’ve been reflecting more than usual on how important it is for me to seize the day and go for it in life. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Who knows when the end is? Could be tomorrow, could be 50 years from now. I better go for it TODAY!

2) Now that I have kids (3) – I think each day about setting an example for them. Not through my words, but via my actions. It’s easy to think the “right thing” – it takes more determination to “do the right thing”. I’ve read a lifetimes worth of business and personal development books so I can talk like Oprah or the latest Guru. Since these 3 came around, I’m holding myself to a higher standard. Walk the talk.

On this note, we started a Just Go Series on BootsnAll for the next 14 saturdays. FUN.

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