October 4th, 2005

Joy to Stuff Ratio

Something to think about and remember – what do you want your ratio to be?

Just thinking about it for myself – I actually like to work – setting goal and working with folks to achieve it can be loads of fun and very fulfilling.  If the only reason u work is for money – then this ratio becomes more important.

3 Responses to “Joy to Stuff Ratio”

  1. jenn says:

    Interesting, I know folks who are definitely suffering from affluenza. I think some people mistake filling their life with Stuff with filling it with substance – big difference. Substance you can’t buy. Look at the Soul Proprietor definition, might interest you as well.

  2. Lgizzle says:

    DEEP! The tragic story of our society. Working with middle school students I see the effect it has on them. The kids have nice clothes, get picked up in a nice car, other kids want to see thier homes etc. The result is students not learning how to be a productive member of society but rather how to be consumers. It’s always about what the other person has and what they have to get. Wow I could go on and on about this. It is sad the influence parents have on thier and as long as we have members of our society that focus on working to have it all, it will continue. Ok I will stop cause I could write a book

  3. Mary says:

    Know what you mean about writing a book, Lgizzle! The marketing/advertising experts/consultants have taken over and we’ve allowed them to! Let’s get control and teach our children what’s REALLY essential – openness, work, values, inner peace and confidence, simplicity, doing what they WANT not what society tells them they need.

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