March 14th, 2011

Why I don’t donate to Red Cross

Lots of donation drives are popping up around the Japan Tsunami. Much like PG, I don’t donate to organizations that are non-profit, but the executives earn more than I do.

“[Separately, does anyone have good ideas for how to contribute to disaster relief in Japan? I can’t donate to the Red Cross because I have an agreement not to donate money to organizations whose employees make more than I do (the Form 990 for the American Red Cross (available from reveals that James Hrouda collected $648,000 in 2009; Mary Elcano took $538,000 off the top; Brian Rhoa raked off $400,000; Mary-Alice Frank took home $541,000; Theresa Bischoff, Elizabeth O’Neill, Gail McGovern, and William Moore all earned $400,000 or more).]”

Via PG

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