May 12th, 2008

Why are we here? Thoughts from Chicago

Some random stuff…

– A thought and pix from the Cubs game
– A friend that died recently
– Life, getting crap, does it matter?
– Marriage/Babies

It’s Sunday night, the Cubs won today while Chris ( Chris) and I froze our arses off at Wrigley. Here’s a picture.

Cubs Sweep DBacks at Wrigley

A mate of mine, Nick Boehle died a few weeks ago, but I just found out 3 days ago at the EO GLC Conference. I met Nick and his pops at EO Delhi back in February. I felt sad and still do. He was a top bloke, motivated, and fun to hang out with. He liked going to the international EO events like I do…so in my mind, I was expecting to see him this past week and at future events. Shit.

The night I found out, Ken Blanchard spoke to us about business and life. Ken is getting up in the years, but still stays active in business and things. After he shared his 5 tips for entreprenuers, he talked about something like….”after the game, all the pieces go back in the box” – kinda like life. When you are living, and building businesses, acquiring things – all that crap that we get in life when we die, it’s not ours anymore. And the only thing that really matters, is love. That is the only thing that you can take with you or something like that.

Of course I know this, try to practice it, but it is superb to hear it again and again as well as from different perspectives.

My long-time friend Zimmy got married last nite. Friends that I have known for almost 30 years, hung out together and celebrated with him and Sara. It was awesome to see them so happy. Many of my Chicago pals have kids and are still making new ones. It’s exciting to hear about little Kroners, Moreths, Hajdu’s, and Connels.

I always want to suck the marrow out of life and be the best that I can be, be happy and all that stuff. This past week got me thinking and feeling more than I usually do about that stuff. I don’t have any answers, but I love asking the questions, thinking about it, and discussing it.

Cheers to you and have a great week. Hello to my new friends that have experimented with spending their valuable time reading my blog recently. If you want to learn more about me, check out my bio page. I recently updated it so it has some links to videos that I am part of. Injoy!

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