November 27th, 2012

First thoughts on having momo twins

I’m sitting in the Randall Children’s hospital. My identical twin daughters we born about 26 hours ago via c-section surgery after a 32 week pregnancy. They are momo twins. (1 placenta, 1 sac – basically doing backstroke around each other in the uterus)

My first few observations and feelings.

– They are small. Like baby doll small.
– They are fragile and red – vulnerable little buggers
– When I look at them, I can’t believe I had a small role in making them about 32 or so weeks ago.
– Feeling supported by family, friends and acquaintances…lots of folks helping and sending good vibes to us.
– Feeling happy they are out and alive (versus being inside which has inherent risks of being in 1 sac)
– Feeling unsure about their future…they are on breathing support and premature. I’m hoping the decisions we made, work out good for their long-term health.
– Feeling emotional when I look at them. They are small and precious. (3.5 lbs and 4 lbs.)
– Can’t wait to travel with them. Today’s BootsnAll article is Girl’s guide to Indie – perfect for them!

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