December 1st, 2020

What matters?

Here’s a start

Ourselves – Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Our Families – Once ourself is cared for, guide, help, and empower family members – especially children. Siblings, parents, etc have already made choices in life once adults and may or may not want to be on the empower train with you.

Our Friends – For some of us, friends are our chosen family and we have energy and resources and needs to feel human connection with people that we feel sympatico with in values, purpose and fun. Friendships in my experience leads to more experiences, opportunities for learning, laughing and growing our net worth (how we feel about ourselves) and net assets (The balance sheet version)

Our Communities – This can be your neighbors, Sunday morning coffee with friend(s), an internet affinity group, or whatever “thing” helps you feel in community to be seen, heard and understood. Be careful with which communities you choose to be a part of? Politics and Large communities like Countries are often dysfunctional and it’s members are yelling, politicking and building community in the context of power, control and being the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong.

Our Planet – this is the most obvious one, yet, in today’s digital culture – maybe the most not seen, despite us living in/on it. In our growth as a species to almost 8 billion of us – we are using resources at an alarming pace that may not be sustainable on the current trajectory. Care for the planet, however you can as it is part of you.

Any time I spend time – not on these 5 things – I ask myself, “Does it matter?

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