January 23rd, 2015

Getting Unstuck

Today’s prompt is giving advice, on getting unstuck.

One thing I’ve learned, is to be careful giving advice. Often times, doing an experience share is more powerful than giving advice – which is often presumptuous and assumes that I know what needs to be done for that person.

How I get unstuck

1 – I don’t make excuses and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING now to get unstuck.

I made a top 3 goals for 2015 that I stuck on my wall. 1 personal goal, 1 business goal, and 1 family goal. Everyday I look at that goal, and think, what is the 1 most important thing I can do to move that goal forward. For example, I have some business growth goals: so when I feel like I could do more or perhaps “stuck” on that goal, I’ll take 5 minutes to do SOMETHING to move the ball forward. Today, I sent off 2 biz dev emails to folks that I can and should develop significant business from.

2 – I share stucks everyday with people who care

Every person at BootsnAll/AirTreks, has a Daily Huddle. At the Daily Huddle, each person shares:

A) Their #1 priority for the day (specifics)
B) If they are stuck

Just sharing it, often helps that person get unstuck, and when I have a stuck, it helps me too.

3 – I make a plan to get unstuck

Before I got divorced, I made a plan (rough draft) for my wife at the time, and I to “heal” and unstuck our relationship. The plan aligned with my core values and I felt good about the plan if she would work on it with me.

She decided not to, and that quickly led to our divorce. Which might sound like a sad thing, but it wasn’t that sad for me because I was getting unstuck in the marriage. Both paths (Heal or Divorce) were getting “unstuck” and ultimately an awesome thing for all concerned.

Day 5: What advice would you give for getting unstuck? via the Your Turn Challenge

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