October 10th, 2021

Fall 2021 – What I am working on

I will be 50 in 15 months so being intentional with my time is something I’m reflecting on and looking at the man in the mirror to evaluate, “Am I being intentional” and aligning my action, words, and time with my values and purpose.

I hope so.
– Enjoying being a parent and all the learning that they are teaching me. When I sense frustration, or impatience bubbling up during a chaotic moment, I’ve been able to breathe, and ask myself, “What is this moment here to teach me” – This enables me to be more curious vs reactive and the love and empathy that flows from this is amazing.

– AirTreks is still trucking along almost 2 years into Covid. International Travel and Around the World Travel has drastically changed and the market for around the world travel services is much smaller than it used to be.

– I continue to spend as much of my time in “nature” as possible. Nature being away from cars, concrete and ambient noise that humans make. I enjoy the city still, just do my best work and living being more vicerally connected to the earth.

– The past 15 months I have been interviewing farmers and working on a farming oriented start-up. As I write that, I realize Farm and Start-up are not 2 words that I historically see together.

Happy Fall to you and those you love.

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