June 5th, 2011

The Bus Lesson


I’m sitting in the classroom at the Brooks House, just thinking and laughing to myself about the Bus Ride last night. Little did Brian know, that he would be leading us on perhaps one of life’s greatest, funnest, and most convoluted lessons.

Story Headline: The Bus Lesson

The EO EMP Class of 2012 spent 8 hours out of 10 on a Bus touring Boston yesterday and took to action, what they had learned and discussed the previous 3 days at the Endicott House.

What was intended to be a trip to the USA v Spain game and a night out together in downtown Boston after 4 intensive days of classes and learning, turned into the best lesson of all.

All the teachers and speakers from the past 3 days were aware of this trip (The Students were not aware that this was a lesson, not a “night out”) as the “Final lesson of year 2” and were called for comments this morning after watching the evening unaware via several ustream video streams. They all gathered at Steve Sisler’s House in the Boston area to watch this “Lord of the Flys – Entrepreneurs Edition” unfold

Afterwards, Walter Cronkite, from his grave called all the teachers for comment:

Dr. Bell of the Leadership Academy said, “The world’s greatest leaders cultivate the skills that I have researched over my lifetime. I would say we picked the perfect bus driver to teach #EMP2012 what NOT to do as they continue to build themselves into World Class Leaders”

Mark Roberge, VP of Sales at Hubspot said, “I knew that the training of the Bus Driver would not match our training and Processes at Hubspot – Being a Quant myself, I think Hubspot should open up a training program using our Sales processes, BUT for Bus Drivers after watching that stream at Steve’s house. We think Google is in for another 50 million on this untapped market”

David Meerman Scott, Real-time News Guru said, “The real question is, what is the second paragraph of this adventure these classmates went on”

After watch the UStream feed, viewers will notices that taking 3 hours to get a bus from downtown Boston, To Endicott House in Dedham, MA – is truly a challenge that most could not achieve even if they walked.

2nd Day #EMP2012 speakers had this to say:
Andrew Sherman, esteemed lawyer and friend of EO said – “CYA, WASSA, TEAMTROT, and WYSIWYG, then ask for the money”

Alan Miltz, watched the stream from his home in Sydney Australia with his partner Andre and said, “It was uncanny to see in front of our eyes, the relationship between cash flow management for business, and Bus Driver Management. The 4 laws of cash flow management and the formula to manage, works for Bus Drivers as well”

Simon Mundell of Results.com said, “Our Execution Software was the perfect solution to last night. For only $3000/year – EMP2012 could have been back to Endicott in 20 minutes.”

When asked for comment, the Bus Driver admitted, to drinking a 5th of Whiskey during the 45 minutes we were at the USA v Spain Game and the 45 minutes at Tequila Rain. He was also quoted this morning, “Sorry to the Endicott staff for curbing the bus 20 times and taking an additional 45 minutes to leave, smashing walls and running over flowers. I thought the Brook Center was a road”.

3rd day speakers had this to say:

From his couch in Boston, MA – Steve Sissler said, “The bus driver was unconscientiously incompetent. The funny thing about it, was that with all the brain and entrepreneurial fire power, those EMP2012’ers couldn’t do a damn thing about it. They should have just gotten OFF THE BUS”

John Harthorne, esteemed CEO and Co-Founder of Mass Challenge said, “After watching this video, I realize that helping entrepreneurs start, is not my only mission…training and a competition for bus drivers is our next market. We are setting up BusDriverChallenge and will give 1 million dollars to the winner of this competition.”

Brian Brault, the leader and facilitator of EMP2012 said, “We know that year 2 is a tough year. This unbeknownst exercise of the class was the first time we tried this. The evaluations from this event had 5’s across the board. I’m happy”.

Some Twitter Replies from the EMP2012 Students regarding the situation

@RobertWagnon – “You can not make this up”

@PK – Stop at Taco Bell after McDonalds Please”

@Hiram – “Where are we?”

@MPorter – “The Wheels on the Bus go round and round”

@Kosh – “I’m not in Kansas anymore” – After falling asleep on the bus and being dropped off on the side of the highway.

@Moritz – “This would not happen in Germany”


@RRRRRRAAAAUUUL – “Cheeseburgers?”

@LeslieBaum – “I did not organize this”

See y’all next year!


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  1. Rrrrraul says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Sean.

    But I still want my MacFlurry. Let’s go back and get it!

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