February 28th, 2012

Stop Stealing Dreams – Manifesto on Changing the US educational system

I was reading through my RSS feeds this evening and came across a manifesto by Seth Godin called Stop Stealing Dreams. I downloaded it and read it in the past 2 hours.

A few times while reading, I teared up.

I don’t remember the exact points that I did…I just loved the thoughts that he was conveying. Bottom-line, the educational system that I was brought up in, and is currently still in use trains students to be automatons. Trained to follow directions and work in factories in the industrial age.

Not thinkers, dreamers, scientists, explorers, or engineers.

This is fucked up.

There are how many kids in the system now and will be soon including my son. What can we do about it?

Check out this free book. It’s worth at least a 1/2 hour of your time.

One Response to “Stop Stealing Dreams – Manifesto on Changing the US educational system”

  1. Reading this now, thanks for the recommendation. You’re right—it makes you want to cry, and then figure out something better for our kids. The part sticking with me most is how so much schoolwork is done in isolation—yet most productive work also utilizes a lot of group activity and expertise.

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