November 25th, 2015

Location Independent Work

Digital Nomad, Location Independent. These new terms were not in the lexicon of folks more than 10 years ago.

Today, it’s a movement with massive momentum.

There are so many websites and communities around this concept.

I’d say it’s “easy” todo today and if you are interested, it’s not too late.

Remote Year is a company that put groups of digital nomads together to travel and work creating a roving group/community for only $27,000/year. Wow. That is cheaper than living in many cities around the world.

I’m full of stoke for this movement as it bring a sense of freedom. We are lucky at BootsnAll – most of our colleagues have been location Independent since 2002, and ALL of them have been since 2009. We “closed” the office we had to make it officially, official.

Working While Traveling

When you can make extra money during your trip, it’s easier to travel longer and extend your budget.

Have you ever worked while traveling? What did you do and where? What was your experiences like? How did working while traveling change you?

CHALLENGE: If you haven’t traveled yet, or haven’t worked while traveling, what are five ways you could envision making extra money on your trip? They can be as real or fantastical as you’d like (keep it legal, though).
Pick one and tell us one thing you could do today to start this work (Contacting hostels? Starting a website?).

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