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March 19th, 2006

Coach Ray Meyer: Rest in Peace

I was at theFarm when I read that Ray Meyer passed away the other day.  Most of my Portland friends will not know who he is…I mentioned him in the George Mikan post a year or so ago (thanks for reminding me Moreth).

Memories of Ray Meyer
Growing up in Chicago, he was the legendary coach of the Depaul Blue Demons.  As a little shit, I always cheered for those Blue Demon teams of Aguirre, Cummings, and Comegys.  I remember his being a super friendly coach and I was proud that a modern day legend was representing Chicago is such a fine way.

Ray Meyer BasketBall Camp
Moreth and I trucked up to Northern Wisconsin one summer for this basketball camp.  Ray Meyer, and his son Joey (he was the coach at the time) as well and a bunch of other folks were up there running us through drills etc for a whole week. 

Coach Meyer would always focus on fundamentals.  I remember this little move that he taught everyone.  He told the story of how Jack Sikma parlayed this move into a 15 NBA career.  I remember his saying, anyone can learn how to hit a set shot/jump shot.  He said if you practiced enough, you could be totally un athletic, but get a scholarship to college because of a set shot or jump shot and he told story after story about un athletic kids who did.  Simply because they could shot a basketball.

Moreth was fortunate enough to play ball under Ray Meyer’s son, Tom Meyer at Niles West from 87-91.  So Moreth has even more memories of Northern Wisconsin and the Meyer family.  We should reminicnce about those soon.

Anyway, good on you Ray.  I can imagine the positive influence over so many kids and so many years will always be remembered.  Cheers to Ray and his family. 

February 19th, 2006

Outside Magazine: BootsnAll Featured in.

Check out the March Issue of Outside Magazine.  They highlight the best of Travel Blogs and have us ranked #1.  Yer baby!  Nice to get some props from that mag.  They don’t appear to publish their articles online, so I think we will scan it and add it to our press kit soon.

January 15th, 2006

My year in Cities

Vancouver BC
New York, New York
Semarang, Indonesia
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Eugene, OR
San Francisco, CA*
Bali, Indonesia
Delhi, India
Bucharest, Romania
Bacau, Romania
Random Places in Romania
Warsaw, Poland
White Salmon, WA
Los Angeles, CA
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Cooke City, MT
Bozeman, MT
Montreal, Canada
Some lake 4 hours north of Montreal, Quebec
Nairobi, Kenya
Moshi, Tanzania
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV

from Kottke – I think I got them all – I think I can stay awake for the Bears game…

March 10th, 2004


I have been back in the USA for about 6 weeks now. (was in Southern Hemisphere for 2 months) – something that gets to me after a while is the general braggart of what everyone/everything in America. Rarely is a person or company understating what they do, what they are or whatever. Universally it is how great they are, how great this/that is. It gets tiresome. Shaq telling me how great he is….company x telling me how great there software is…person y telling me how many countries they have been to and how wise they are now.

I reckon it is better to watch a person’s actions than to listen to what they say. Of course, when I get hammered with verbiage all the time, it is hard to watch the actions.

October 13th, 2003

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