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August 27th, 2004

The Bean at Millenium Park


August 27th, 2004

Soogi at Millenium Park Amphitheatre


August 26th, 2004


Perry is a Juggle Runner. He juggles while he runs. He has already run several marathons while juggling the whole 26.3 miles. He is attempting to break the world record for juggling this Oct in the Chicago Marathon. Good luck Perry!

June 1st, 2004

Chicago Gangs and Mississippi

October 22nd, 2003

Mark Maz…

Just got off the phone with Freesia’s husband Mark Maz…- can’t spell the last name. What a solid guy. He reminds me of why I like Chicago. Solid guy. Works hard. Big dude. No bullshit. I reckon if we lived in the same time, we would hang out more than once every 2 years. I guess I am writing this down to remind myself that friends like Mark are good. Don’t forget it.

More to come soon – pics of Freesia and Friends…

Is this it?! Sean Keener's Personal Blog

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