October 29th, 2004

Arthur Agee and William Gates of Hoop Dreams

Flicking through the channels last nite, I caught the last 2 hours of Hoop Dreams.

The movie brought back a tonne of memories for me…it has been 10 years since I saw the movie. Many non-main characters in the movie lived in my general neighborhood. More than a few times, the movie brought tears to my eye.

Check out this article for an update on William and Arthur.

Picture of Arthur Agee

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42 Responses to “Arthur Agee and William Gates of Hoop Dreams”


  2. LANKSTER says:

    Does he make it to NBA though?

  3. Megan Murphy says:

    When I went shopping with my older sister in the mall, I saw someone who resembled Arthur Agee quite a bit, So I give this leading-look alike a questioning look for two seconds like “You remind me of someone”

    To me, I actually thought that was pretty funny because the person that looked like the celebrity from Hoop Dreams looked exactly like him!!


  4. Keith Ratliff says:

    Hoop Dreams is a movie every young athlete not just basketball player should see. It should be required study to remind young people that their education must always come first that they are to be student athletes first. The scary reality of the movie is this took place in the 1990’s or in late 1989 believe it or not it was worst in the 1970’s. If you talked to 95% of the african American youth at that time especially in Basketball they all thought that they were going pro. Whether they played in Division I, Division II or Division III Basketball. Also one of the great themes of the film is what is going on around these two young men as they learn the realities of life in general. Excellent movie and I believe that the Movie makers, Directors and William Gates and Arthur Agee still can get paid by asking Grade schools, Middle schools, High Schools and Colleges to purchase the film and book and have it as a possible course cirriculum especially for student athletes. The movie is real and for me ranks #1 with the movie “Rebound” (The Basketball story of the Goat(Manegoat)of New York City) second for these kind of reality movies. The Good Lord above has a way of teaching us all lessons and I believe one of the ways of helping others is too share your lessons and or life experiences with others especially young people everywhere so they may learn from other peoples earlier experiences.

  5. Ed says:

    I was flipping through the channels and I decided to watched this movie on IFC and it was great. I couldn’t do my schoolwork because it held my attention so well. I was doing a search on google for arthur agee to see if he ever made it and this site came up. I also think its pretty funny how the other guys name is Bill Gates. Funny coincedence.

    Good movie, I highly recommend it.

  6. RA says:

    The movie “Hoop Dreams” catches my eye and holds my attention everytime I view it. As a young kid I also had hoop dreams, so the movie has some nostalgia for me — sort of a ghetto version of that t.v. show “The Wonder Years.” All of the comments about the movie hold true for me, as I feel similarly about this film. Fortunately, I had parents who stressed education and could care less about me playing hoops, but in the movie, and in life, parents are not parenting. Both William’s mother and Arthur’s parents were thinking about getting out of the ghetto on their sons’ basketball abilities. I don’t think I saw them (the parents) once confront, monitor, help or show enthusiam about the boys’ educations. I remember when this movie came out, although I didn’t see it then, watching it ten years after-the-fact takes me back to that time in my life, as I previously stated, when I had a hoop dream. Black boys, black girls, all kids must know: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION comes before anything else. A basketball may, and I stress may, help a few poor kids get rich and get out of the ghetto, but an education will help a lot more.

  7. Jim says:

    Hoop dreams were on swedish TV today. Interesting documentary!

  8. M says:

    Any news abt what the duo is doing today? Saw hoop dreams on swedish TV yesterday…

  9. FJ says:

    Saw it on Swedish TV too..it’s a damn shame none of them made it, after you’ve seen this movie you feel like you know them..strange:S

  10. Di says:

    I saw the movie on Swedish TV too. It’s too bad they are still struggling.

  11. Rob says:

    In one of the scenes in the movie just before Arthur Agee heads off to college he was held up at gun point and almost killed. At that moment he realized how most kids growing up in that environment usually end up – in jail, on drugs, or Dead like William Gates brother is today. Viewers should understand that their talent opened up doors for them and helped give them an opportunity to experience things in life that many only dream of. Gates received a full scholarship to play at Marquette and eventually met and played practice games alongside Michael Jordan. Agee managed to lead his team to the State Championships and proved to everyone including Coach Dingaling from St. Josephs that he was a deserving athlete and academic performer if he was only given the opportunity to adjust and prove himself. Hats off to the director for capturing the struggles that many families living in poverty go through everyday. Agee and Gates made a personal sacrifice by sharing their life story with us. The lessons from their experiences is worth more than an NBA career to our future generations.

  12. Miranda says:

    I saw this movie a couple months ago on t.v, and watched it… then well i loved it! haha i have now seen it bout 5 times i think.. and I just really enjoy watching it. I thought i saw David Robinson in one of the scenes.. so that was pretty cool too. i cant wait to watch it again. lol its a great movie…

  13. Keiron Williams says:

    I recently saw the movie for about the 5th or 6th time. As a Division 1 college football player myself also coming from the ghetto (ft. myers, florida), i can relate to every single scene in the movie just about. except i dont have any kids. but the movie is very touching and i agree with everyone above about the movie should be used as some sort of curriculum to teach kids values about the real world and also the reality and hard work that must set in for dreams to actually come true. To this day, even though i play major college football, I still can relate to this movie and it is still and will always be one of my favorites.

    ps- Check me out. Keiron Williams- Furman University (Division 1AA) southern conference and national champions- WR #80

  14. Sean says:

    Nice one Keiron – yeah – good luck w/ football and beyond!

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  16. heather says:

    I saw the movie in my 11th grade class for a nonfiction novel. I thought that was the best story i watched in a long time. I loved it when William and Arthur keep going when thing were really bad. I can relate to that very much. I also went through the same thing that Arthur went through with his father seeing him get some drugs from a drug dealer,I went saw the same thing with my mother and step father and the abuse that she went through right in front of me. I know it harder to trust that person now knowing that they put us down even though they didnt mean to.

  17. LANCE BROWN says:


  18. Teacher says:

    Arthur was in my class. He comes to see me every now and then. Recently he dropped by to tell me there might be a sequel to Hoop Dreams. I asked him if the police caught the person responsible for his father’s murder. He said yes. He looked very tired and stressed out. Please pray for him.

  19. Desmond says:

    My comments on Hoop Dreams was that the movie was an inspiration to me. From my prospective Arthur and Gates went through a struggle in their own world trying to survive their way through the opstacles that stood in their path. Growing up the world around them had a bright light starting out and later on it got dim, but the put out that major effort to keep the light going on until they were ready to put that light out. Different things tried to draw them from what they wanted to do in life but by having help and a good head they provided theirselves with options later on to be in a better way. The movie can be an inspiration to those who play sports or thos who don’t, the key to the movie was that they both put out a lot to do what would help them be successful not just in ball, but in life. I watch the movie just to get motivated and inspired by two young men that grew up and had nearly nothing push themselves because they had a dream that they wanted to follow through with. Personally I think that both can play pros , btu every one’s destiny full fills differently. By the way I always imagened that I was back in their time to play against both of them. (I know I have a little game)

  20. Yabria Smith says:


  21. Charles Jackson says:

    My father showed me hoop dreams when it first came out. I was about 7 then and now Im 18. I’ve watched that movie about 100 times and It still feels like im watching it for the first time. I came from Vallejo California all the way to Chicago for college all because of Hoop Dreams. I wore number 22 and 11 in High School to represent William and Arthur. Mater of fact, I wore a hi-top fade in 8th grade because I seen Arthur with one. They may just be regular people now but that movie had a major effect on me from the time I saw it up until now. It will be shame on me if I end up leaving Chicago without meeting my child hood heroes Arthur Agee and William Gates.

  22. Tanner says:

    This movie told me not all things that you want may happen in life. That the world is full of bumps and curves. I thank William and Arthur for allowing this to happen to them, and I wish them good luck.

  23. coachromero says:

    This documentary serves to youngster that exclusively think of basketball both as a way of life and as a professional career. Goodlucks apart, the opportunity to succeed and get to NBA or other major leagues (Spain, Italy, Russia) is so narrow in extent that a raise with a no-study scope is primarily a wrong argument. Another thing is the role of any of the two families supporting them in a whole way or even in a part of the process

  24. reza says:

    i have email address william(bill) gates


  25. FRANK HAMPLE says:

    I loved the movie and i wish you could have an update on Arthur.

  26. Minister Louis Gordon Jr says:

    God bless his family and keep them in his grace and mercy -me and Arthur went to grammar school at George Manierre Elementary and I considered him one of my best friends then and those streets were rough then- Lord Jesus strengthen the family and lead them in your will Amen

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  28. george marquez says:

    I just saw this movie/doc in 2006. I had read the book a couple of years ago. I thought it was well done and very realistic about stressing education for our kids then the dream of turning pro. As we saw with William Gates injury can always change an athletic career for a younh man but their education stays with them for life regardless of their athletic prowess or lack thereof. I loved it and will look to buy it on DVD soon to view with my 7 year old son and wife. I cried when Arthur went off to college after all the struggles he and his mom Mrs. Agee went through. I give my heartfelt condolenses to Arthur and his family for the death of his father. Also to the GAtes family for the death of William’s older brother Curtis. May they rest in peace and may the LORD above comfort and strengthen both families. I also still play basketball and live my hoop dreams coaching kids and playing against good players at my local YMCA gym. Take care of yourselves and each other.

  29. Chris Meynard says:

    Ever since I first saw Hoop Dreams it made me realize that trying to use basketball as your only ticket out the ghetto is a risky and sometimes bad decision. I remember watching William’s freshman and sophmore years and you couldn’t tell me that he wasn’t as good or better than Isiah Thomas. But, after watchin the whole documentary, I learned that when I go to persue my own hoops dreams this year (University of Maine), that I need to have a backup plan to fall back on in case (and most likely) don’t make it pro. The best movie I ever saw and how it opened my eyes to the realities of life.

  30. andira says:

    When i first saw hoop dreams it showed me alot.It showed me that what ever you want to be just keep trying hard and putting your all in to it.Sometimes you may fail but you get up and keep trying.It also told me that you should have a back up plan because if one dream doesnt work out you would be left with nothing.Hoop Dreams was the best documentary I ever seen and I had a big crush on Arthur.

  31. Orleanas says:

    I first saw Hoops Dreams as a sophomore in high school about 10 years ago in 1996. I have since then seen the entire documentary twice more. Though I love the film because of its powerful honesty and all that it reveals about the life of struggling blacks in the ghetto and the dangers associated with “hoop dreams,” I am always anxious about seeing the entire film. Watching the documentary, I am always left with profound sadness about what it reveals about the imbalances in life. I find myself in tears whenever I watch this film because I become so engrossed with the lives of the people and the realities of what they were and are still going through.

    I am now a teacher myself and believe that my students need to see this powerful documentary, if only to make them aware of how important it is that they focus more on their education rather than a dream that, unfortunately for many of them, will never be realized. However, now that I’m getting the updates of the deaths of the people in this film, I’m worried that this documentary will be too bleak for them. But I guess that’s life. I suppose that they need to see the other, darker side of hoop dreams since many of them now are more familiar with the fairy tale, happy ending, newer documentary about Sebastian Telfair, Through the Fire. Hoop Dreams may possibly be their reality check.

  32. jay bee from france says:

    hoop dreams is an incredibly immersive documentary. Its success depends on some things that happen in life and that you can’t forecast (injury,bo’s drug problems, Marshall team’s success…).We could almost believe it’s a scenario, but what is so great and powerful as a message is that it doesn’t finish with a complete happy end, with their NBA dream achieved, but with the hope that when life doesn’t offer you the thing you are purchasing, there is always a way to live happily by taking other roads ( as the two boys’ trajectory shows it…). The more beautiful is that the happy end is not sure at the end of the film, but is provided by the film success itself !
    P.S: for real basketball specialists you can catch a glimpse of jalen rose and juwan howard during william’s nike ABCD camp

  33. Andy says:

    Here\’s a more recent story on the two from the movie: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/writers/seth_davis/08/29/hoop.thoughts/index.html

    Arthur’s father as well as William’s brother were both gunned down, really sad. I hope they can find a way to make it.

  34. Daniel R says:

    When i frst saw this movie it was on tv. I thought and still do think it is one of the best films. Even though im not an enviroment like tha i know that this is real thats wh the film is so great you see that at the begingint thats all they wanted to do casue they liked doing it and it was fun. But in the end to both of them they really didnt like it like they did when they were out of middle school becaseu of how serious it got and how much of a business is and how much struggles both of them had to go through just to play ball. Hope both of them are doing good and im glad there families agreed to do the docmentery. Casue i feel that when i

  35. Juana32 says:

    I personally spent a great deal of time in the general area in which the movie was filmed. My father was a Chicago-area basketball coach and had a constant flow of arthur agee and william gates figures throughout his gym. Being a fan and critic of independent films and documenteries ceneterd around the black experience in america and abroad (particularly black youth), I can honestly say that this film is as real as it get\’s. I must also point out that this film could not be replicated or even revisited in a proper manner, for that matter. The current state of basketball in the inner cities of America (i.e. chicago, detroit, los angeles, nyc and so on…) has left the game and it\’s players devastatingly disappointed. With the high profile child development leagues and aau teams and their sophisticated travel season, the primary and secondary basketball players and coaches are doomed from the very beginning to the very end… For those of whom make it through the complicated transition from h.s. to division I ball, I salute. I know it was a long journey that quiet frankly has taught you great lessons in life. Primarily in the areas of resilence, humility and discipline.

  36. Arthur Agee says:

    it was a good movie but i fell asleep b/c i was really tired from the night before b/c i was up all night doing thing dealing with school.I also Like tacos.

  37. I think this movie is great for all kids tryimg to make it,shows you how not to give up on what you want..Grades are most important,without the grades you cant play AT ALL..We all wish we could be a Michael Jordan or MAgic Johnson..It takes hard work and dedication..NO slacking off and Letting your grades slip..Even if you dont make it i basketball you can always have that diploma to fall back on and make something of yourself

  38. mANDI says:

    I Watched Hoop Dreams Tonight again As I Bought It a Few Days Ago And I Love It It Just Goes To show That Sum Ppo Do Get Evrything They Ever Wanted But I Found IT Sad That Wen I Followed Up On a Little Bit Of Research On The Stars Of The Documentary Arthur Agee And William Gates Never Made It To This Day To The NBA Although Arthur Keeps Trying and They’ve Both Had To Suffer Unbelievable Sadness Though Deaths/Murders To Close Family Members So I Hope Wotever They’re Doing Now They Truly Are Living There Dreams.

  39. Jo Carla says:

    Hoop dreams is an incredible documentary! We were required to watch it in a university Sociology of Sport class and it\’s one of the best examples of social stratification I\’ve ever seen. Social, economic, and cultural capital plays a huge part in their lives…

  40. Brandy B says:

    I wish I would’ve been able to meet both Arthur and William! I thought William was so cute. They are both doing just fine by the grave of God. It does make you sad, to know that a member of both their families has passed, and in such horrible ways too. They still loking good though! lol

  41. D.BROWN says:


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