July 1st, 2004

The Art of Hustling

The Cubs are not Hustling (thanks to Freesia for passing this on to me)

This article has a so many truths in it…it scares me. And it relates to the Cubs, of course, but more importantly, to each and every one of us in our daily life. Business, Personal, Sport, Spiritual…whatever part of your life, it don’t matter.

Hustling in life is essential if you want to get the best out of yourself in your endeavors. I have seen countless people complain that they are not getting what they want out of a situation, or just coming up short….and frequently it is the little things like “not hustling on your way to 3rd base” that hold them back. They are so close…but a bit lackdasical and “expect it to come there way” (like the author Greg Couch refers to the Cubs attitude this year).

Sometimes I want to just scream at them…but the fact is, no one listens when you scream (And I learned in my teens that yelling/screaming is just an ineffective way to communicate despite the immediate feel good feelings).

Hustle Sean, Hustle. Don’t be a whining lazy yank…be a hustling, hard working American.

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