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June 29th, 2018

What I’m working on – Summer of 2018

…started as part-time CFO of the BootsnAll Travel Network in beginning of 2018, while continuing as Chairman of BTN since Jan 2017

…started small scale farming, lots of learning and experimenting

…continue to work with The Wayfinding Academy in an effort to disrupt higher education. The 3rd cohort is starting this Fall. Lots of interesting challenges in starting a college from scratch.

…continue to work on the Travel Access Project in an effort to get a GAP year on every Resume. We are launching new products in 2018

…continue to explore investing in companies and a few start-ups that align with my purpose and core values. With asset prices so high the past few years, I’m not finding many value oriented ideas.

…continue to be actively involved in my 3 kids day to day lives at school/home. This summer we are exploring Oregon, Pennsylvania, doing another Family Camp, and being outside as much as possible without devices.

…continue to be highly involved/interact with people in the EO and YPO chapters in Oregon/Washington

…continue to practice meditation and movement in nature

…continue to meet with people over walk/talks and smoothies instead of sit down lunches/coffees. (Contact me if you want to join me)

…continue to read books and ideas and theories that challenge my current paradigm.

Is this it?! Sean Keener's Personal Blog

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